Glossary of Terms

Here is a glossary of terms that you will see frequently: (Update periodically)

W: This is short for "warau," which means to laugh in Japanese. Think of it like "lol" in English. A string of w's in succession means something was particularly funny, e.g. wwwwww

笑: This is short for 笑うor "warau," which as mentioned before means to laugh. This is another variation of "w."

Warota: A slang variation of the past tense of the word "warau." Basically means "I laughed."

Suki: Japanese word for "like."

Boku: The pronoun meaning "I". Mostly used by males

Ossan: Slang abbreviation of "oji-san" meaning "old(er) man." This is commonly used in a derogatory manner

Oba-san: Older woman

Wota: An obsessive fan of an idol or idol group

Kimowota: An extreme wota who is gross or unappealing (as if wotas were appealing in the first place, am I right?). Combination of the words kimoi (gross) and wota.

Riajuu: This is short for riaaru juujitsu, with "juujitsu" meaning "fullness, completeness, substantiality, etc." The term basically applies to anyone who indulges in an otaku lifestyle, but has friends, a significant other and a social life outside of their hobby. This does a good job of explaining the term. 

Ikemen: The term used for a man who is handsome or good looking. 

Kakkoii: Cool, stylish, handsome, attractive

Kemona: Short for "kemono wo ai suru hito" or person who like monsters. In a way, they are equivalent to furries or people who are fans of gijinka, anthro, or any type of moe people/animal hybrids, or animals that act like people.

Yarichin/Yariman: A yarichin is a man who has sex with a lot of women. A yariman is a woman who has sex with a lot of men. 

NG: Literally "no good." Self explanatory.

Koukai Shokei: 公開処刑処刑 or "koukai shokei" literally means "public execution." This term is used when two people take a picture together and one overpowers the other, be it in looks, height, clothing, figure, etc. Threads entitled "X Publicly Executes X" frequently appear whenever two celebrities (most of the time female) reveal a picture they have taken together. I prefer to translate it as "slay" as that is the most easily recognizable and natural sounding English equivalent.

Rekka: 劣化 or "rekka" means "deterioration, drop in quality, degradation." This word is used in threads featuring photos of a celebrity who has aged or does not look as good as they used to. It is a harsh way of saying that a particular celebrity has seen better days. I choose to use the word "deterioration" or "aging badly" when translating this term.

enjou: 炎上 or "enjou" is the word used to describe internet flaming or someone getting a lot of negative comments online.

hafu: A Japanese person of mixed decent; lit. "half."

otsukaresamadeshita: You have worked hard, thank you for your work, etc.

ganbatte: A phrase of encouragement, i.e., "Do your best!" "Good luck!"

gorioshi: Someone who is over-promoted and pushed into the public's face. E.g. Gouriki Ayame

burikko: Acting cute or child-like for male attention

makura: Lit. "pillow." This term is used to describe the practice of providing sex acts to advance in the entertainment industry.

Nettoyo: This is a combination of "net" (internet) and "uyoku" (right wing). They are right wingers who post about right wing ideas on message boards such as 2ch. They have also protested against the broadcast of Korean dramas on television and information that is favorable towards Korea.
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