Ichihara Hayato Reveals His Flawless Body


1: 2015/05/15(金) 00:07:51.25 ID:???*.net
Blah blah a bunch of useless text LET'S GET TO THE PICTURES

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2: 2015/05/15(金) 00:08:43.42
The air of an ikemen

5: 2015/05/15(金) 00:09:14.31
Where did the Ichihara Hayato from Lily Chou Chou go

6: 2015/05/15(金) 00:09:21.14
He was cute at the time he debuted

14: 2015/05/15(金) 00:11:41.74
Concentrate! Concentrate! Ah!


15: 2015/05/15(金) 00:13:11.47
If you aren't 170 cm even if you work out there won't be any sex appeal

17: 2015/05/15(金) 00:13:45.81
When I saw that guy from GENERATIONS I wanted Ichihara Hayato to do Hot Road [the movie]
The age doesn't matter

39: 2015/05/15(金) 00:23:14.40
I thought the same thing
That guy who played Haruyama is a no w

18: 2015/05/15(金) 00:13:57.64
The mental retardation of an ikemen


19: 2015/05/15(金) 00:15:02.18
He's the guy who got mad at a comedian impersonating him, right?

20: 2015/05/15(金) 00:15:21.46
As people who work out, who has the higher valuation, Matsumoto or Ichihara?

24: 2015/05/15(金) 00:18:15.05
Matsuchan is the one who obviously has more mass


26: 2015/05/15(金) 00:18:35.13
I haven't seen him since Karamazov though

29: 2015/05/15(金) 00:20:29.88
A while back I thought Tackey, this guy and Wentz looked they good be family but when they became adults they changed hm

34: 2015/05/15(金) 00:21:33.76
His face and body are too unbalanced


35: 2015/05/15(金) 00:21:49.75
Haven't seen him much lately

36: 2015/05/15(金) 00:22:00.06
Hmmm average
Not to the point of exposing that satisfied face

38: 2015/05/15(金) 00:22:57.92

30: 2015/05/15(金) 00:20:44.19
No matter how much time passes he has an average position

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