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NO racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive remarks will be allowed in the comments! Please refrain from personal attacks against other users and keep all debates civil. Any comments that contain offensive material will be deleted. If you resort to name calling, excessive profanity or abrasive language, you will be banned! I do not wish for there to be negative energy on this blog. So please, comment with care.

If you do not have a Disqus account, please type in a username other than "guest." It takes a few seconds and will minimize confusion when multiple people without a Disqus account comment on one post.

Off topic comments may be deleted pending further review. Given that the comment load isn't so heavy, they will be allowed to some extent as long as they do not violate the commenting policy, or go off into a long tangent that deviates the entire discuss away from the topic. If you post a comment saying "you spelled this wrong" or something of that sort, I will make the correction and the comment will be deleted, since it really has nothing to do with the article.

And finally, if you were banned, you were banned for a reason!

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