TV: Which One is Not Matt?

1 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:32:22 ID:Zdt/

*Which one is not Matt?

7 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:33:10

4 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:32:49
Is it 2?

14 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:33:55
Add the Thunderbird

16 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:34:14

17 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:34:21
It's 4
Only this one is obviously a mannequin

20 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:35:28
The first one seems like it's not Matt but it is
He's exactly like Minegishi

22 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:36:22 ID:j/
Is it okay to do this kind of joke on TV?
Nowadays there are a lot of noisy people

26 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:38:13
The person himself wants to be like this so there's nothing to cause a problem about

24 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:37:52
I haven't seen 3 so I'll go with 3

25 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:37:56
They're all mannequins

28 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:38:42 ID:H8dER1/
I kind of thought the media was trying to use those images to make the Thunderbirds popular but they are already doing something similar to that

41 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:43:49
Matt himself is probably honored by this
That's what he wants to be like

45 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:45:10
They seriously did this wwww

47 :芸能これ1番 2019/04/08(月) 17:46:38
This was on late night so it's safe

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