Ryucheru Wants to Change the Perception of Tattoos in Japan

1: 2018/08/23(木) 19:09:07.85 ● BE:299336179-PLT(13500)
On the 19th, Ryucheru revealed tattoos on both shoulders: one of his wife's real name "Tetsuko" and the other of his son's name, "Link."

On Instagram, fans left comments such as "I received a shock from the tattoo," "You won't be able to take [your child] to pools and onsens. I feel sorry for the child," "You shouldn't reveal tattoos on Instagram," and "Your appearances on TV will decrease."

On the 21st, Ryucheru wrote on Instagram "I imagined that in itself, I though that I would be judged like this. How is a society that holds this much prejudice. It can't be helped. No, I want to change it."

"I decided 3 years ago."

He gave details of why he get the tattoos on both shoulders. "Before getting married, I decided 3 years previously. I thought a lot in those 3 years, and I got the resolve. On this body, for the purpose of protecting the precious smiles of my family. So, I had the names of my precious family etched on my body. I have no intention of hiding it. But it's not like I wanted to show my willpower. I want to live naturally. I would like for the prejudice to disappear."


62: 2018/08/23(木) 19:33:14.97
What is for the purpose of protecting his family??
Don't understand at all
Is going against society protecting your family?

This is not prejudice he's just illogical and full of himself

96: 2018/08/23(木) 19:52:49.40
Getting a tattoo is his own choice, but he is conceited to think he can "change the perception of tattoos"

231: 2018/08/23(木) 20:57:33.35
Putting graffiti on the body that your parents gave you is not a negative image, but it is a negative act.
And, he accepted that and got the tattoo right?

243: 2018/08/23(木) 21:00:49.10
Plastic surgery exists too

372: 2018/08/23(木) 23:12:39.17
The same as a yakuza

7: 2018/08/23(木) 19:11:45.64
From the start, since Ryucheru who recognizes himself as an idiot publicly reveals his tattoo then getting tattoos will be recognized as something that idiots do

8: 2018/08/23(木) 19:12:38.91
His negative image increased once again w

11: 2018/08/23(木) 19:13:07.88
I wonder if he thinks that public baths are prejudice against tattoos so that's why they don't allow them

12: 2018/08/23(木) 19:13:38.86
Since he publicized it then reactionss will come
And there will be criticisms from people who don't have a good image towards tattoos
If you don't want to hear complaints then quit SNS

13: 2018/08/23(木) 19:13:45.69
This guy is a thug
Guys like him shouldn't be on TV

16: 2018/08/23(木) 19:15:16.66
In Japan only yakuza got tattoos

Even now, that image won't disappear, so stop

20: 2018/08/23(木) 19:17:27.15
People who reject others' criticisms as prejudice are not good

663: 2018/08/24(金) 07:48:45.47
Since he came out he has been showing his idiocy like this

Does he feel great for writing a long paragraph? Moron

23: 2018/08/23(木) 19:18:55.58
Gaijins are lame too. Dirty

25: 2018/08/23(木) 19:19:33.89
It's not prejudice, the reality is that people who have tattoos cause problems all over the place

Complain to them.
You won't right? That's the thing

31: 2018/08/23(木) 19:21:53.40
If you are going to care about criticisms and prejudice then don't get tattoos in the first place.
Not wanting to accept it→The world is wrong
That is the same thought as someone with mental illness.

37: 2018/08/23(木) 19:23:17.02
So don't do it you idiot
You did it yourself and if you can't get into a pool will you make a fuss?
Since there are people like you even if people other than yakuza get tattoos they will only be seen with prejudice

39: 2018/08/23(木) 19:23:48.58
Since ancient times it was decided that only criminals get tattoos

44: 2018/08/23(木) 19:26:05.05
Even before the tattoos is it only me that feels an irresistable annoyance at this guy?
He has no talent yet he keeps getting called on

45: 2018/08/23(木) 19:26:40.40
Even without tattoos I hate Ryucheru so no problem here

47: 2018/08/23(木) 19:26:58.11
You won't be able to enter the onsen with your child

48: 2018/08/23(木) 19:27:09.56
He should just go overseas

50: 2018/08/23(木) 19:27:58.92
It's your freedom to get inked but in Japan it's a way to prove that you're a criminal
If you want to enjoy it as fashion then you should get the ones that you can stick on

53: 2018/08/23(木) 19:28:39.39
He did it to show how different he is from other people but when he gets treated differently than other people he complains, the double standard

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