What Manga Would you Choose as the Best Masterpiece?

1: 2018/07/03(火) 18:02:26.72
You're going to say Dragonball right?


2: 2018/07/03(火) 18:03:09.82
Tale of the Three Kingdoms? Is that wrong?

3: 2018/07/03(火) 18:03:24.57
Slam Dunk? If it's sports then it'll be that one

4: 2018/07/03(火) 18:03:43.42
Black Jack? If it's work related then it might be that one?

5: 2018/07/03(火) 18:03:43.56
Black Jack

6: 2018/07/03(火) 18:04:02.68
YuYu Hakusho? If we're talking about someone suffering from puberty then it might be that

7: 2018/07/03(火) 18:04:11.22
Taking into consideration the amount of volumes I say Death Note

12: 2018/07/03(火) 18:04:39.85
If you choose the best masterpiece manga is Death Note really okay?

15: 2018/07/03(火) 18:05:35.47
The runner up is Devilman

8: 2018/07/03(火) 18:04:16.38
Naruto? Nope

9: 2018/07/03(火) 18:04:23.78
I guess Black Jack

10: 2018/07/03(火) 18:04:28.86
Hikaru no Go

14: 2018/07/03(火) 18:05:27.69
If it's a board game manga then it might be that one? Is the most supreme masterpiece manga Hikaru no Go? Even though it slacked after the final stage is that really okay?

11: 2018/07/03(火) 18:04:39.78

17: 2018/07/03(火) 18:05:58.79
Even though it ended on a cliffhanger is that really okay? Is a manga riddled with inconsistencies really okay as a masterpiece?

13: 2018/07/03(火) 18:05:01.67
One Piece

67: 2018/07/03(火) 18:11:28.34

75: 2018/07/03(火) 18:12:04.37
It would be this

16: 2018/07/03(火) 18:05:55.91
Dragonball isn't even Toriyama Akira's best work

20: 2018/07/03(火) 18:06:30.13
Is his ultimate best work
Were you planning on saying Crono Trigger?

84: 2018/07/03(火) 18:13:26.59
Dr. Slump has more of the Toriyama-ness

88: 2018/07/03(火) 18:13:53.01
By a slim margin it would be Sandman
If we're talking "best hit work" then it would be Dragonball or One Piece but for ultimate best work they barely meet the bare minimum

19: 2018/07/03(火) 18:06:11.84
Honestly the story of Dragonball isn't that interesting

25: 2018/07/03(火) 18:06:49.36
Honestly Toriyama Akira's stories are shit
If someone else drew Dragonball it would definitely be boring

27: 2018/07/03(火) 18:07:01.76
The story didn't fit the popular manga in Jump at the time

113: 2018/07/03(火) 18:16:55.70
I think the manga was good
The future Trunks and android arc was really well done
In the anime all they do is punch

147: 2018/07/03(火) 18:21:40.25
If young men can get into then it's fine

176: 2018/07/03(火) 18:26:05.80
It seriously only battles
When I reread it it was boring
Even though I can reread Slam Dunk many times

265: 2018/07/03(火) 18:38:43.21
It's interesting in 20 minutes. It tends to have one pattern though

23: 2018/07/03(火) 18:06:34.90
I'll go with Slam Dunk

28: 2018/07/03(火) 18:07:13.17
I really like the first part of Naruto

33: 2018/07/03(火) 18:08:04.83
Of course Dragon Ball

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