What if You Were Told By Your Husband He has a Love Interest?

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Everyone, what would you do if you were suddenly told by your husband that he has someone else that he likes?
He says that they have known each other through work from the past and that they have met 2 times for meals but they haven't conveyed their feelings. I don't know if it's a lie or truth.
And then he told me that he can't continue like this and wants to divorce.
I am denying it. It seems that he currently likes her in the present but if they continue the relationship then they'll be investigating and that will cause trouble to the woman.
Our child is 4th grader and I can't rely on my family.
Everyone, what would you do?
I have strong feelings within me to not divorce and secure living expenses.

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Get the divorce settlement money and leave him.
That guy is trash

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I guess I would say "Are you an idiot Ossan?"

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Get the settlement money and leave

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Make him pay your living expenses and divorce ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

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Do a big wave of your arms and say I'm going back to my beloved hometown!! I'll be expecting the settlement money and child support!!

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Like Takahashi Yuriko's man

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You should divorce

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I wonder if you will be free by having him pay you money.
Freedom and responsibility.

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If it's for the living expenses then wouldn't it be better to receive settlement money and child support?

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You'll only become miserable so just get what you can get and break up.

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Anyway I would ask "Are you saying that to me while thinking about our child?"

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