NEWS Koyama Keiichiro Shakes Hands with Sakurai Sho on Live TV

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When Sakura introduced them, he gave handshakes to the members one by one. He did not shake hands with the other performers. Koyama took Sakurai's hand firmly with his hand, and bowed deeply.

He didn't say anything about the hiatus from activities, but just because he's a kohai in the caster world of Sakurai, it looked like scolding from Sakurai. After the song he called out "Ganbare."

生放送に登場のNEWS小山に羽鳥アナが激励の肩ポン、嵐・櫻井はがっしり握手 : スポーツ報知
生放送に登場のNEWS小山に羽鳥アナが激励の肩ポン、嵐・櫻井はがっしり握手 : スポーツ報知
未成年女性との飲酒で活動自粛し、6月26日に芸能活動再開を発表したNEWSの小山慶一郎(34)が7日、日本テレビ系音楽番組「MUSIC DAY~伝えたい歌~」(正午)に生出演。司会をつとめる嵐の櫻井翔(36)と羽鳥慎一アナウンサー(47)が小山を“激励”した。  メンバーの加藤シゲアキ(31)主演の同局系ドラマ「ゼロ 一獲千金ゲーム」(日曜・後10時半)の主題歌「生きろ」を披露したNE

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Sakurai-kun is too nice

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Only Janiwotas have interest in this situation

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Why don't NEWS apologize themselves?

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Konatsu target! Konatsu target!
Drink til the last drop!

The things they do are cheap even though they are at a decent age...

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Just please reflect a little more

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Koyama's attitude towards reflecting is forced

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I saw it I saw it.
So these things become articles.

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They should just pretend like it didn't happen.
It will only speed up the destruction of Johnny's.

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Konatsu target!!!!

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Behind the scenes they were probably talked bad about and made fun of
NEWS are really uncool

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Tapping his shoulder doesn't become an impressive tale...he was drinking with a minor though?


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Did he shake hands with Tegoshi who did the parody song?

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What about Tegoshi and Katou?

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That handshake, NEWS was probably shocked wwww

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More than Sakurai
I was moved by Massu who bowed his head the most

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I feel uncomfortable towards Tegoshi and Shigeaki leaning on Massu's shoulder.
I don't want to see Koyama. Punish him forever.

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