Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Butchers Cover of X Japan's "Kurenai"


1: 2018/07/10(火) 18:07:38.45 _USER9
On July 4 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu uploaded a video of herself singing "Kurenai" using a CGI app. This post caused quite a stir among fans. On the 8th, Yoshiki himself replied saying "Wow! cute." Surprised at Yoshiki's reply, Kyary tweeted "Eeeeh Sorry Gomen nasaiiii" Yoshiki then replied "It has a really good feel. Thanks for singing #kurenai"

This interaction was reported by several online news outlets. People who saw the articles visited the Tweet and there was a wave of critical opinions. On the 8th, comments such as "I came to see the exchange with Yoshiki and this was so terrible I was surprised" and "She's completely making fun of X Japan" were found under the Tweet.

Takahata Mitsuki (26) also sang the same song using the same app in and NTT Docomo commercial. She received a lot of praise for this with people saying it was "the best" and "too great." People also commented "Takahata Mitsuki is better. Definitely good!" and "I think Takahata Mitsuki is better."

94: 2018/07/10(火) 18:27:25.11
From the beginning she promoted as a character more than a singer so she has no singing ability

232: 2018/07/10(火) 18:52:08.04
Worse than I thought

245: 2018/07/10(火) 18:54:00.52
She was originally just supposed to be singing over the character but then people kept talking about singing ability and such so I feel sorry but

There's definitely the feeling of "why did she release this publicly?" w

255: 2018/07/10(火) 18:56:18.49
So bad I was shocked
Why did she sing this?

283: 2018/07/10(火) 19:00:13.10
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's sales

*1st 13,100枚 Tsukema Tsukeru
*2nd *9,913枚 CANDY CANDY 
*3rd 21,634枚 Fashion Monster
*4th 21,195枚 Kimi ni 100 Percent
*5th 26,648枚 Ninjari Banban 
*6th 16,460枚 Invader Invader
*7th 14,813枚    Mottainai Rando
*8th 12,378枚 Yume no Hajimari Rin Rin
*9th 15,762枚 Family Party
10th 16,032枚 Mondai Girl
11th *7,677枚 Crazy Party Night~Pumpkin Gyakushou~ 
12th *5,009枚 Sai&Kou
13th *3,928枚 Harajuku Iyahoi
14th *4,440枚 Easuta

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu song's don't sell at all

293: 2018/07/10(火) 19:01:48.94
Surprising. Ninjari Ban Ban is number one

294: 2018/07/10(火) 19:03:22.57
Horrible w
Good of her to appear on broadcast programs

2: 2018/07/10(火) 18:09:04.03
(^^)Is she joking?

3: 2018/07/10(火) 18:09:15.05
That was a vicious Kurenai

34: 2018/07/10(火) 18:16:49.82
Her expressive habits are amazing w

4: 2018/07/10(火) 18:09:26.92
I didn't watch the video but isn't it being horrible the talk of another dimension?

5: 2018/07/10(火) 18:09:38.76
It was really terrible

6: 2018/07/10(火) 18:09:47.12
It was bad.

7: 2018/07/10(火) 18:09:57.00
Why did she upload it

8: 2018/07/10(火) 18:10:08.74
It was so terrible lol

52: 2018/07/10(火) 18:19:54.38
Is this serious?
It so bad that it seems like a joke

98: 2018/07/10(火) 18:28:17.33
Seriously this? Too horrible

144: 2018/07/10(火) 18:37:20.48
What song is this?

174: 2018/07/10(火) 18:42:03.01
I listened to something I shouldn't have listened to (´・ω・`)

196: 2018/07/10(火) 18:45:22.98
Why did she upload this
This is the voice of a woman from somewhere right

201: 2018/07/10(火) 18:45:59.55
Worse than I thought

205: 2018/07/10(火) 18:47:07.92
She usually lipsyncs so she tried in this one
Praise her raw singing voice

211: 2018/07/10(火) 18:49:27.28
It's like an extreme novice sang this
Takahata Mitsuki is better

222: 2018/07/10(火) 18:50:26.22
Nah if it's her then it will be like this
Just as I imagined
Only slow people are complaining about this now

10: 2018/07/10(火) 18:10:40.27
She always lip syncs so this is how she is

11: 2018/07/10(火) 18:11:12.11
It was worse than I thought, but she has amazing guts to upload this

13: 2018/07/10(火) 18:11:37.84
That's desperate! Desperate!

14: 2018/07/10(火) 18:11:59.58
Not good huh

15: 2018/07/10(火) 18:12:18.77
There aren't a lot of people who can sing that in the first place so she tried

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