AKB48 Surpasses V8 in Oricon Ranking; Criticisms of "I don't know the song"

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AKB48 surpasses V6 in Oricon "They're just selling handshake tickets," "I don't know the song," say the angered voices.

Oricon announced the music ranking for the first half of 2018. The female idol group AKB48  grabbed the number 1 spot for the single ranking for the 8th year in a row.

According to Oricon News, AKB's "Teacher Teacher" reached number 1 for single sales in the first half with sales of 1,740,000.

AKB48 has gotten number this time, and has dominated that same category since 2011. In addition, their album "Bokutachi ha, Ano Hi no Yoake wo Shitteiru," gained the top spot in the album category with sales of 611,000.

Nogizaka46's "Synchronicity" was at number 2 with 1,276,000 in sales.

In the Yahoo! News comment section, there were comments such as "They're only selling handshake tickets," and "Even though they're number 1 I don't know the song."

Because there are people who bought numerous CDs on their own, there are people who are not satisfied with the result.  AKB48 and Nogizaka46 have handshake tickets and other special attachments.

"Even though they're selling so much, I don't know any of AKB's recent songs. So that means, the songs aren't selling, but the handshake tickets are selling."
"These are CDs with special handshake tickets. If they had limited distribution then I don't think they would sell at all."

On one had, in the generation said to be the one where CDs don't sell, there are people who feel admiration for the "groundbreaking sales strategy."

"At the very least, there are probably CD shops that were saved by this. And there are definitely economic results. Handshake tickets are fine. I haven't bought any, and I won't buy any after this, and if someone gave one to me I wouldn't need it."

"Akimoto made an amazing business model for selling CDs."

01位 174.1万 AKB48 Teacher Teacher
02位 127.7万 乃木坂46 Synchronicity
03位 116.9万 AKB48 ジャーパージャ
04位 101.0万 Keyakizaka46 Garasu wo Ware!
05位 62.6万 King & Prince Cinderella Girl
06位 43.8万 嵐 Find The Answer
07位 38.7万 SKE48 Muishiki no Iro
08位 34.0万 TWICE Candy Pop
09位 34.0万 TWICE Wake Me Up
10位 33.8万 NMB48 Warota Pipo
11位 32.0万 Hey!Say!JUMP White Love
12位 30.3万 Yonezu Kenshi Lemon
13位 27.0万 Hey!Say!JUMP Mae wo Muke
14位 23.2万 NMB48 Yokubousha
15位 22.0万 KinKi Kids Topaz Love/DESTINY
16位 21.2万 HKT48 Hayaokuri Calender
17位 18.7万 Hoshino Gen Doraemon
18位 18.6万 STU48 暗闇
19位 16.3万 Johnny's WEST プリンシバルの君へ/ドラゴンドッグ
20位 15.3万 Tohoshinki Reboot
21位 15.2万 三代目 J Soul Brothers J.S.B. HAPPINESS
22位 15.2万 NEWS LPS
23位 15.2万 KAT-TUN Ask Yourself
24位 14.8万 Sexy Zone Innocent Days
25位 14.4万 NGT48 Haru ha Doko Kara Kuru Kana
26位 14.3万 BOYS AND MEN Shinka Riron
27位 14.1万 Nogizaka46 Itsuka Dekiru kara Kyou Dekiru
28位 13.4万 ST☆RISH Ultra Blast
29位 11.1万 祭nine. HARE晴れカーニバル
30位 10.8万 Wada Akiko with BOYS AND MEN 研究生 愛を頑張って

1位のAKB48 『Teacher Teacher』


8: 2018/06/26(火) 09:20:46.55
TWICE's 2 songs sold 340,000

106: 2018/06/26(火) 09:52:11.06
High touch tickets were included

217: 2018/06/26(火) 10:38:56.93
Their right arms will become muscular

39: 2018/06/26(火) 09:31:43.50
The real number 1 is Hoshino Gen who does songwriting

75: 2018/06/26(火) 09:43:03.71
That would be Yonezu Kenshi

90: 2018/06/26(火) 09:48:52.0890: 2018/06/26(火) 09:48:52.08
The higher ranks up to number 4 are all handshake ticket sales

118: 2018/06/26(火) 09:55:17.57
AKB don't be involved with the Tokyo Olympics
They're the shame of Japan

125: 2018/06/26(火) 09:56:52.03
If they adopted that sales strategy 20 years ago, they would have sold 3,000,000 or 4,000,000

144: 2018/06/26(火) 10:05:04.90
That's why it's a lie that AkiPig is saving the music industry
AkiPig is 1-2% of the total Japanese music sales
There are lots of other artists other than AkiPig's groups

490: 2018/06/26(火) 13:18:32.40
If we're talking about how well the song is known then it's on the same level of a song that sold 1000 copies

541: 2018/06/26(火) 14:12:24.33
Nothing but songs that aren't known by the entire generation

657: 2018/06/26(火) 17:29:11.30
With this type of sales method, they make themselves a topic or become a topic no matter what they do, so ignoring them is best

3: 2018/06/26(火) 09:18:20.07
If they don't do a package deal with the handshake tickets then they won't sell

4: 2018/06/26(火) 09:18:28.76
AKB's "Teacher Teacher" which is the number 1 for the first half of 2018 is this sexy

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261: 2018/06/26(火) 10:56:51.07
So, which one is Sakura?

264: 2018/06/26(火) 10:59:01.08
They look like Korean idols huh
Get some plastic surgery

371: 2018/06/26(火) 12:04:40.98
The girl to the left of Sashira(?) in the 4th pic has such a small face it's scary
It's to the level of a spirit photograph

372: 2018/06/26(火) 12:04:42.26
There's so many miniskirts that even I who has a leg fetish have grown tired of it

5: 2018/06/26(火) 09:18:41.82
Wada Akiko, has she made a comeback to Kohaku?

6: 2018/06/26(火) 09:19:28.99
There is no need to link how well known a song is to the sales

7: 2018/06/26(火) 09:19:47.57
The war criminals who made Japanese ballad industry worthless

9: 2018/06/26(火) 09:21:00.95
Wada Akiko sold 100,000 using the AKB sales method
The AKB method is almighty

546: 2018/06/26(火) 14:14:59.10

The demand for Akko-san's handshake tickets is amazing

11: 2018/06/26(火) 09:22:08.64
You could say that we are in a generation where CDs don't sell but popular songs themselves have not gotten any fewer
They haven't been selling for these few years but I wonder if there's anything that can be called a signature song

12: 2018/06/26(火) 09:22:24.25
A waste of resources

14: 2018/06/26(火) 09:23:04.20
CDs don't have the same value as plastic castle models that I bought as a package deal with Gundam plastic models right?

25: 2018/06/26(火) 09:27:06.16
It's like the relationships between the cards and the snacks in Kamen Rider snacks

303: 2018/06/26(火) 11:19:01.28
I see
Pro-baseball chips are the same as that

17: 2018/06/26(火) 09:24:34.42
Is Golden Bomber's Memeshikute the last song that seems like anyone would know it?

82: 2018/06/26(火) 09:44:55.55
Like Hoshino Gen's "Koi"

20: 2018/06/26(火) 09:25:43.65
There is a mystery in songs that are selling even though no one knows them w
They'll only be song in special music program's medley of songs know in the past, so there is no opportunity to remember new songs
Regular music programs themselves have decreased
Hm, for AkiPig there have been business results so I guess there's no problem

AKB48 Surpasses V8 in Oricon Ranking; Criticisms of "I don't know the song" AKB48 Surpasses V8 in Oricon Ranking; Criticisms of "I don't know the song" Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 8:32 AM Rating: 5

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