Will Horikita Maki Make a Comeback as an Actress?

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堀北真希10月スタートのフジ月9で女優復帰か(東スポWeb) - Yahoo!ニュース
堀北真希10月スタートのフジ月9で女優復帰か(東スポWeb) - Yahoo!ニュースheadlines.yahoo.co.jp

"In Horikita's statement last year, the word "retirement" did not appear. That meant that she would eventually return. In the middle of April, her conversation over dinner with Imai Miki and Hotei Tomayasu was revealed in a weekly tabloid. Hotei said "When you are settled with child rearing, you should return as an actress," to which Horikita replied "Actually I have been getting talks of dramas."

Horikita received talks from the staff of a Getsu9 drama. Hotei, when hearing the talk of drama offers said "Let's make a theme song."

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Huh? After all?

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I don't care about that Hotei couple

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She has a weak resolve huh

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I had the image that she completely retired so I'm disappointed...I love her though

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She's going to make a comeback!

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Because I really like Horikita Maki, I think it would be better for her not to come back.

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For real

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She didn't say that the was retiring herself

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Recently Horikita's hair color became brighter and I was suprised
Before she was one and the same with her sister

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Horikita-san, can you come back so easily?

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Get along well with your stalker husband

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She had a good sportsman-like image though I don't know if it's real or not

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Her comeback was quick

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Can't help it

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Raise your child. Actresses from Sweet Power all depend on their looks so I don't want to watch a drama with someone lacking real ability

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I don't think it's true

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I think it's a lie
Are there people who believe this?

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