Will Arashi be the Only Johnny's Group to Surpass 30 Years?

1: 2018/06/21(木)19:11:31 ID:ZJA
It seems like they won't have any retirements and won't disband until then

2: 2018/06/21(木)19:12:31 ID:XZK
TOKIO reached that though

6: 2018/06/21(木)19:14:52 ID:ZJA
Is that from when they were formed?
They were supposed to safely reach 24 years since debut but then that thing happened...

9: 2018/06/21(木)19:15:52 ID:sps
They didn't reach it, and they have lost two members

10: 2018/06/21(木)19:16:24 ID:XZK'
They haven't reached 60 years much less 30 years

16: 2018/06/21(木)19:19:52 ID:ZJA
Speaking of which topics about TOKIO before their debut don't come up at all but is that because of the Kojima thing? 
V6 and Arashi topics come up frequently though

18: 2018/06/21(木)19:22:39 ID:sps
That's true, they were going to debut as 6 but before their major debut Kojima retired from the company and from the entertainment business

3: 2018/06/21(木)19:12:59 ID:ChH

11: 2018/06/21(木)19:16:49 ID:ZJA
V6 don't seem to have any scandals
But thinking of their age even if they don't disband someone will probably retire

5: 2018/06/21(木)19:14:30 ID:g5O
There are a lot of number one Arashi fans but they lip synced at the Tokyo Dome

13: 2018/06/21(木)19:17:23 ID:ZJA
Are you Tegoshi

8: 2018/06/21(木)19:15:19 ID:3MS
Next is Arashi's turn

14: 2018/06/21(木)19:18:07 ID:ZJA
Don't jinx them

12: 2018/06/21(木)19:17:05 ID:NJL
When a member gets married, various tears in the fabric appear 
This is just customary but I think it would be good for all the members to remain single for the next 10 years

22: 2018/06/21(木)19:31:37 ID:ZJA
I remember before their debut but Kanjani was like that too
When they debuted and introduced themselves on television only Uchi's part was unnaturally cut and they debuted as 7
Is dropping out taboo for Johnny's? He didn't leave the company and has no nothing to do with that

24: 2018/06/21(木)19:37:44 ID:ChH
Was it Uchi-kun who was caught drinking underage?
He tentatively still as a spot in Johnny's

25: 2018/06/21(木)19:40:05 ID:ZJA
Even so they treat him like he was never in Kanjani
He didn't leave the company so they didn't have to cut him

23: 2018/06/21(木)19:36:04 ID:dzI
Next year it will be 20 years, that was quick

27: 2018/06/21(木)19:51:04 ID:m7h
Shounentai reached 30 years and it seems like Kinki will reach it too

28: 2018/06/21(木)19:55:14 ID:ZJA
Shounentai aren't broken up but now they only have individual activities
Kinki will probably reach it too. Before they had rumors of disbandment but they probably won't end up like SMAP

30: 2018/06/21(木)20:15:46 ID:ZJA
Well the result has come out already
V6 Kinki Arashi are the three groups that will remain

31: 2018/06/21(木)20:36:23 ID:ZJA
Sexy Zone seems like they will end with almost no scandals

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