Why is Japanese Rap so Primitive?

1: 2018/06/15(金) 22:28:49.70 BE:736790738-PLT(12000)
It's too wack

4: 2018/06/15(金) 22:31:27.63

5: 2018/06/15(金) 22:32:31.55
Rap is different from music, anyone can do that
The people who discovered are amazing but everyone is copying it

11: 2018/06/15(金) 22:35:07.64
That's why there are no rappers in Tokyo

23: 2018/06/15(金) 22:41:01.20
You easily say that anyone can do it, but I'm too embarrassed and can't do it yo!

7: 2018/06/15(金) 22:32:54.26
Yo check it out yo!

9: 2018/06/15(金) 22:34:13.28
Don't dooo drugs
*Refers to this video

67: 2018/06/15(金) 23:12:45.32

19: 2018/06/15(金) 22:40:16.37
Weird voices

24: 2018/06/15(金) 22:41:12.89
I was born in Tokyo and raised on hip hop but I think that even in local Tokyo culture rap is seen as uncool

26: 2018/06/15(金) 22:41:44.90
*Referring to comedian Joiman

30: 2018/06/15(金) 22:43:35.68
I don't know what they're saying

34: 2018/06/15(金) 22:44:42.54
Deru deru deru Zelda no densetsu
Deru deru deru deru tsui ni deru

This is Japan's number one
*Referring to this

38: 2018/06/15(金) 22:49:39.53
Noriaki-sensei makes an appearance after a while


41: 2018/06/15(金) 22:58:06.95
Noriaki's looks and lyrical content were strange so he didn't become mainstream but I think the way he says his syllables on he beat is amazing
There is a possibility that thanks to Noriaki J Hip Hop became like US rap

57: 2018/06/15(金) 23:07:04.72
If Noriaki was born 10 years later he would have become a top youtube star

42: 2018/06/15(金) 22:59:44.18
Japanese rap is good
You guys update your information


43: 2018/06/15(金) 23:00:11.62
Don't underestimate TTP


81: 2018/06/15(金) 23:29:30.59
T.O.P.-san completely lost to Noriaki

44: 2018/06/15(金) 23:02:48.00

70: 2018/06/15(金) 23:16:19.36
I don't know what he's saying...

47: 2018/06/15(金) 23:03:04.76
If Japanese people try to do something in the style of foreigners is usually pretty lame

49: 2018/06/15(金) 23:04:09.29
Why are you saying something so wack? Hip hop has no country

52: 2018/06/15(金) 23:05:05.18
If they do it in English I have no idea what they're saying

53: 2018/06/15(金) 23:05:07.77
There are a lot of foreigners who do Japanese rap and look cool

60: 2018/06/15(金) 23:08:33.63
I know why Japanese rap is so lame
That's because you can understand Japanese natively

In Chinese rap and Korean rap they way they ride the rhythm is pleasant so it feels cool
But I think if you understood the meaning of the words in the native language then it would be lame

77: 2018/06/15(金) 23:25:20.71
I feel like I understand what you're saying.
I think "Are people who rap in English lame?"" but I never thought that they were lame in the first place
When a bilingual American raps in Japanese it's like "Whew! How cool!"

69: 2018/06/15(金) 23:14:45.8
If anything rap in itself is lame

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