Video of Tegoshi Yuya with Underage Girl at "Drinking Party" Revealed

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NEWS手越と未成年女性の「飲酒パーティー」動画 | 文春オンライン
NEWS手越と未成年女性の「飲酒パーティー」動画 | 文春オンライン

The problem did not stop with Koyama and Kato. Shukan Bunshun has gotten their hands on the video that Tegoshi Yuya (30) participated in. It was in December of last year, and Tegoshi and a number of young men and women enjoying a character party was filmed. Tegoshi sang Wings of Words by Chemistry. On the table Cristal along with other expensive champagnes were lined up. According to the magazin, the women were two talentos, and at the time they were 19 and 17 making them underage.

NEWS手越と未成年女性の「飲酒パーティー」動画《予告編》 | 動画 - 週刊文春WEB
NEWS手越と未成年女性の「飲酒パーティー」動画《予告編》 | 動画 - 週刊文春
《完全版》動画は6月14日(木)より「週刊文春デジタル」で公開! ジャニーズ事務所所属のアイドルグループ「NEWS…

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I'm shocked at this

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NEWS terminated

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You're done with

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Is today's festival meeting ground over here?

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NEWS will disband

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Congrats on the annihilation of Johnny's!

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He's done with

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Oh no no

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They shouldn't cover for him anymore. You need to cut things off

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The Panas were too easy on Tegoshi

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The members can't escape this

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Okay, so Koyama and the rest were just a front, the real prize is Tegoshi

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News of the end of NEWS

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For some reason or the other I like Johnny's but I never accepted Tegoshi as a Johnny

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Tsubakuro started uploading


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They should just disband NEWS. A group that causes this many scandals is just baggage for Johnny's

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Konatsu will have a hard time in life from now on.
It wasn't easy. Try your best!

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Alright, Bunshun is coming with guns blazing!

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NEWS are always doing things to land in the news

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