Otakus Apologize After Voice Actor Tells Them to Bathe

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"Properly take a bath," a voice actor tweets to a firestorm of critique. "Sorry that we stink," the fans apologize...

"We probably really stunk..." "Sorry that otakus stink." After popular voice actor Aida Rikako sent out a Tweet after a concert, it invited an unexpected misunderstanding on the internt.

What caused the uproar is that Aida tweeted "Everyone properly take a bath okay!!" right after the event. On this day the temperature was low and the event place was cold, so she tweeted that so that people could look out for their health but...

■ "Sorry that we stink"

Aida Rikako who plays Sakurauchi Riko in the popular anime "Love Live! Sunshine!" participated in a event on June 10 as a member of the voice acting unit "Aqours" consisting of voice actors from the same anime. The event took place at Met Live Dome. On that day it was very rainy and the temperature of 20 degrees. Since there were no walls the rain blew into the dome and the event center was cold. Some seats were even wet from rain.

Because of that, Aida tweeted "It was really really fun, thank you!" and "To the people who were at the event! Everyone properly take a bath okay!" She tweeted out of concern for the fans' physical condition.

However, there was a misunderstanding born out of this. People assumed that she could not stand the body odor of the fans packed into the event. This caused replies such as "Sorry that I smell, I will try to bathe," "If everyone stinks then you will be troubled!" "Sorry that otakus smell bad...Rikako."

8: 2018/06/14(木) 22:03:24.69
The illustration at the source w

9: 2018/06/14(木) 22:04:37.31
They went easy on this one, seriously

101: 2018/06/15(金) 09:02:34.18

no title
This is the reality

104: 2018/06/15(金) 09:15:25.67
They look like Drunk Dragon

2: 2018/06/14(木) 21:59:27.55
Card game shops are generally like that

61: 2018/06/15(金) 02:56:51.07
When I started to play MTG I went to a famous card shop and it smelled so bad that I wanted to throw up. I thought that because the people were young kids it must have been that kind of scent, but it was body odor.

3: 2018/06/14(木) 21:59:57.98
Probably stinks

4: 2018/06/14(木) 22:00:25.53
If she said that statement on a cold day then they should have been able to get the meaning w

40: 2018/06/14(木) 23:38:20.11.
On really rainy days you can get wet depending on the place
If a guy who hasn't washed his hair on over a week gets his hair wet then what will happen

5: 2018/06/14(木) 22:01:22.21
She really wasn't sorry

6: 2018/06/14(木) 22:01:24.66
Please properly wash you clothes in powder bleach and detergent

7: 2018/06/14(木) 22:02:08.61
You guys take a bath everyday
With just that your sense of hygiene will be totally different
Afterwards if you are going outside shave your beard

11: 2018/06/14(木) 22:06:30.75
She's not wrong so that's where the misunderstanding comes from

12: 2018/06/14(木) 22:07:33.96
Put a group shower at the event place
After being submerged for an hour then let them in

110: 2018/06/15(金) 10:48:05.64
If they had something like a car wash would that be good? w

13: 2018/06/14(木) 22:07:57.71
Voice actor "[Today you were especially smelly] Take a bath okay!"

14: 2018/06/14(木) 22:08:48.68
They are self aware

16: 2018/06/14(木) 22:10:16.56
Smells like vinegar

17: 2018/06/14(木) 22:14:15.68
Even if a fat people take a bath everyday they still stink
They have too many crevices so they can't wash themselves properly
And just because you finish with a shower doesn't mean you won't stink

18: 2018/06/14(木) 22:18:06.66
They had self awareness!

21: 2018/06/14(木) 22:35:13.96
With people who stink there are a lot of case where it's their clothes that stink more than their body odor

22: 2018/06/14(木) 22:42:58.26
Skinny wotas probably don't stink
Fat wotas let out a ridiculous stench

31: 2018/06/14(木) 23:10:46.90
Even if they are skinny people who stink will stink
Like a deathly smell

26: 2018/06/14(木) 23:01:22.28
They actually stink so that's why they were self aware

27: 2018/06/14(木) 23:04:33.47
They stink so bad that they realize it themselves w

28: 2018/06/14(木) 23:04:42.68
Voice actress Aida Rikako (25)
She does recording 4.5 hours a day but I've never heard of her

76: 2018/06/15(金) 06:57:45.79
She's the most beautiful woman in the voice acting world

119: 2018/06/15(金) 11:45:24.66
Oh...is that so

no title

no title

55: 2018/06/15(金) 01:37:02.48
It's one thing to be around other people who stink
But if you notice that you yourself are stinking then you are spreading a pretty bad stench

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