Sunday, June 10, 2018

NEWS Koyama Keiichiro to Halt Activities and Go Into Reflection After Drinking with Underage Girl; Was She Tegoshi's Former Sex Friend?

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NEWS小山“未成年との飲酒”で活動自粛! お相手女性は「手越祐也のセフレ」だった!? - 日刊サイゾー
NEWS小山“未成年との飲酒”で活動自粛! お相手女性は「手越祐也のセフレ」だった!? - 日刊サイゾー
Koyama Keiichiro, who was reported to have been suspected of drinking with an underage girl, was dealt with by having his activities suspended so he could go into reflection. It was said that Kato Shigeaki and Koyama from NEWS participated in a drinking party with the underage girl. At karaoke, Koyama gave A-san alcohol. 

"Koyama pretended like he didn't know the girl when questioned by the company, but she is a passionate NEWS groupie. There is also talk that she was Tegoshi's former sex friend. There is also a possibility that they knew she was underage.

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Only Masuda's image will go up

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This is too late. 
Punish Kato too and disband them. 

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They said this from before right. That's why you need to know the age

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When this news came out, I had a feeling that even though Tegoshi appears that way he is 

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The Johnny's kingdom will soon be destroyed
It's a good thing that they weren't able to cover this up

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Was Koyama Keiichiro the one who had sex in the club bathroom?

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But anyway isn't this being ignored by major media and television?

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Pannas are saying Keiichirio didn't do it! and that he was tricked but the truth is he didn't know

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Masuda now really looks like someone with common sense

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He carelessly did this under the name of a newscaster. 
Since you're doing an information program, take responsibility in your actions

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Another one?
Collect them all into one topic

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Just like I thought... 笑 
I thought it was suspicious from the beginning. 
I hate Koyama... 笑 

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Koyama, Kato, Tegoshi
These three should retire


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