Nagase Tomoya Talks About Marriage "I thought about it at one time but..."

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TOKIO長瀬が結婚語る「一時期考えていたけど…」 |
TOKIO長瀬が結婚語る「一時期考えていたけど…」 |

Nagase commented that as he got older it became more difficult to create a strategy, and that relationships wouldn't develop into romance. "I thought about it at one time though. In my 20's I thought 'I want to get married by the time I turn 30,' then when I was around 30 I thought I would do it at 35. Around 35 I thought I would do it at 40. Now I'm close to my 40's it has moved up to 45. I want to do it my 40's."

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By thought about it he meant O'Hama-san?

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Don't get mistaken

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I saw it I saw it w
Anyway I thought of Ayu and Aibu Saki

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I wonder if he means Aibu Saki?

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I wonder if it's me~

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It won't develop into romance. He says while he usually has a girlfriend.

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Hamasaki Ayumi, Aibu Saki
Which one did he think about marriage with?
I bet there are a lot of people who were thinking that~ 笑笑

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Does he still have the tattoo?


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Who was the person he thought about marrying?



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There is no one else who is as natural as him
On the contrary his reputation rose because on his secret Instagram he had motorcycles and guitars w

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Huh? So that means that he has someone he is thinking of marrying
Hmm I guess there is one (笑)If you have one then hurry up and decide

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They were close enough to get tattoos though

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The AV actress Aya who had a connection with Arashi had a connection with him too


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I also thought about marrying Nagase at one time

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He looked good with Ayu

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Even so I want to date Nagase more than Yamapi or Okada

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If Nagase's beauty genes aren't left behind that will be a waste. His children will probably be more beautiful than KimuTaku's.

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