Akimoto Yasushi's Party Gains Attention

1: 2018/06/26(火) 15:05:40.18

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458: 2018/06/26(火) 15:57:39.74
The only one here who doesn't have plastic surgery is Akimoto

5: 2018/06/26(火) 15:06:28.75
Everyone's face has changed so I don't know who's who...

7: 2018/06/26(火) 15:06:48.06
I don't really envy him

11: 2018/06/26(火) 15:07:26.62
He's already become a pig

12: 2018/06/26(火) 15:07:35.86
Is Maeda Atsuko cute?

20: 2018/06/26(火) 15:08:29.30
She kind of has a small face...

34: 2018/06/26(火) 15:10:35.11
Because she shaved it down

80: 2018/06/26(火) 15:14:42.28
You didn't know she messed with her face?

15: 2018/06/26(火) 15:07:55.13
His face is too gross

17: 2018/06/26(火) 15:08:19.37
You can sleep with them all

18: 2018/06/26(火) 15:08:20.92
Why is it that he works so much but he's still a pig

323: 2018/06/26(火) 15:41:03.60
Isn't he a pig because he works so much?
And the hard work he does isn't physical labor and he's not using his brain so much that he would burn calories

19: 2018/06/26(火) 15:08:21.21
Nothing but people who wouldn't have remained if they didn't do sexual favors

22: 2018/06/26(火) 15:09:09.44
The most successful in the world of idol wotas

23: 2018/06/26(火) 15:09:15.26
Put names on all of them
I don't know

24: 2018/06/26(火) 15:09:22.15
He probably sees humans as nothing but products

25: 2018/06/26(火) 15:09:26.76
Where is the meat?

26: 2018/06/26(火) 15:09:36.67
He lost weight at one time but now he's fat again

28: 2018/06/26(火) 15:09:52.93
That comedian that does impersonations is more like Akimoto

29: 2018/06/26(火) 15:10:02.32
His recent favorites are equal huh

32: 2018/06/26(火) 15:10:28.84
I only know Maeda Atsuko and Itano Tomomi

35: 2018/06/26(火) 15:10:47.80
Nothing but ugly AKBs
The girls from Nogizaka barely meet Akimoto huh

38: 2018/06/26(火) 15:11:18.78
They only have a little bit of meat

39: 2018/06/26(火) 15:11:22.87

40: 2018/06/26(火) 15:11:25.01
His eyes are dead

41: 2018/06/26(火) 15:11:25.27
Maeda is cute

44: 2018/06/26(火) 15:11:54.21
A fat Heipo

48: 2018/06/26(火) 15:12:16.83
Nothing but uglies

51: 2018/06/26(火) 15:12:34.82
Ominous pictures

54: 2018/06/26(火) 15:12:46.27
He's already 60?

55: 2018/06/26(火) 15:12:46.37
I'm jealous

56: 2018/06/26(火) 15:12:50.13
Minami Kojima is there

57: 2018/06/26(火) 15:12:50.76
With the Olympics job he's working hard

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