Friday, May 4, 2018

Would You Stop Being a Fan if Your Favorite Female Artist Got Married?

1: 2018/04/29(日) 01:30:21.304 ID:gu4ZD7fir
It's super shocking right

3: 2018/04/29(日) 01:31:33.965 ID:bFqty2IX0
I'm an Utada Hikaru fan but I've never thought of quitting being her fan

5: 2018/04/29(日) 01:33:04.706 ID:2fpfUd910
You're not a fan

6: 2018/04/29(日) 01:33:23.016 ID:Sq1cqjlxp
Stahp w

4: 2018/04/29(日) 01:32:26.549 ID:4uhaExFl0
What the hell is an artist
A fine artist?

7: 2018/04/29(日) 01:34:46.297 ID:bFqty2IX0
Was I not a fan?

10: 2018/04/29(日) 01:37:18.561 ID:5t1ZQ2rAa
I made fun of people who were shocked by things like this but when my favorite voice actress got married I was shocked

11: 2018/04/29(日) 01:38:55.721 ID:UyRqsTct0
I've liked Shiina Ringo since she debuted and I don't care whether she gets married or divorced
I just like her songs

12: 2018/04/29(日) 01:39:33.444 ID:2fpfUd910
That kind of person isn't a fan

13: 2018/04/29(日) 01:40:21.294 ID:bFqty2IX0
Have you been shocked?

16: 2018/04/29(日) 01:41:40.647 ID:5t1ZQ2rAa
If it's an actress or an idol then generally yes but for musicians I haven't felt that especially

17: 2018/04/29(日) 01:42:28.466 ID:5t1ZQ2rAa
So basically I guess it's the difference in paying money for the works or paying money for a fake love affair

19: 2018/04/29(日) 01:43:52.420 ID:2fpfUd910
You're lacking in passion

20: 2018/04/29(日) 01:44:08.785 ID:5t1ZQ2rAa
Lastly there's the fictional world...

25: 2018/04/29(日) 01:49:06.978 ID:v8s+Qh3Md
Do you think she'll become yours if you scream and cry?
Are you a child

23: 2018/04/29(日) 01:47:35.682 ID:rKlf4+5Ha
I don't care about personal matters



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