Why are 80% of People who Like Visual Kei Mentally Ill?

1: 2018/05/06(日) 02:11:44.184 ID:qxA9LLtUr
I've been super curious

2: 2018/05/06(日) 02:12:30.507 ID:Bd5DliHL0
Can't deny that

3: 2018/05/06(日) 02:12:34.723 ID:R+35qt8R0
It's that, that trying to create an aura

4: 2018/05/06(日) 02:13:52.592 ID:qxA9LLtUr\
In anime and black metal there seems to be a dark or sick aura, but in Japan I feel like vkei has a high rate of mental illness

5: 2018/05/06(日) 02:14:16.464 ID:nZcjh8l20
Unrelated to vkei there are a lot of mentally ill people who like violent music
Like rock and such
People who's mental state breaks down and who become depressed tend to listen to violent stuff

6: 2018/05/06(日) 02:15:24.464 ID:qxA9LLtUr
I wonder if that's so?
For example, there are a lot of party people who like not so violent but loud stuff, and a lot of cheerful older guys like slash metal
I'm surprised that there are a lot of sick people that like vkei

7: 2018/05/06(日) 02:15:56.489 ID:qxA9LLtUr
I like vkei but if I try to connect with people who like vkei on the net there are a lot that are mentally ill so I'm scared

8: 2018/05/06(日) 02:16:46.131 ID:L9yBxhV70
GLAY and Golden Bomber have the cheerful image, but X JAPAN, LUNA SEA and L'Arc en Ciel have half a cheerful image and half mentally ill image

9: 2018/05/06(日) 02:17:56.257 ID:qxA9LLtUr
I get this
Among these I feel like Luna Sea fans are the most crazy

17: 2018/05/06(日) 02:23:05.034 ID:5/97m8LLa
Those in that area are generally healthy
the GazettE, DIR EN GREY, Mucc, Nightmare, Anticafe, and R-Shitei are generally sick

12: 2018/05/06(日) 02:18:41.058 ID:qxA9LLtUr
Ah, I see
I definitely agree

13: 2018/05/06(日) 02:19:04.052 ID:5/97m8LLa
Nothing but self-diagnosed mentally illness

15: 2018/05/06(日) 02:20:43.565 ID:qxA9LLtUr
People who like R-Shitei are nothing but people who are like that, but Dir En Grey fans are scary
Seriously nothing but mentally ill people to the core

19: 2018/05/06(日) 02:24:01.788 ID:YfcQ6eq70
What about Buck Tick?

20: 2018/05/06(日) 02:30:14.351 ID:L9yBxhV70
Nothing but old women

21: 2018/05/06(日) 02:32:55.779 ID:upxKGUZA0
I guess the people who appear in vkei songs and lyrics are sick so sick people are drawn to that
There aren't that many people who started to become sick after liking vkei
Sick people end up liking it

23: 2018/05/06(日) 02:39:02.105 ID:n+H5E4CGa
When talking about music that mentally people like that would be Cocco but lately I haven't heard anything from her

24: 2018/05/06(日) 02:44:38.766 ID:nH+UHsXY0
It's mostly people who are escaping into alternate reality
Also women who fuss over looks tend to hate themselves

22: 2018/05/06(日) 02:33:47.442 ID:Z8J7kw0sa
The vkei bands themselves tend to be mentally ill

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