What do you Think of King & Prince's Center, Hirano Shou?

1: 2018/05/15(火) 16:03:29.23 0
He's originally from Boys and Men
He looks like Sato Shori and he has a muscular body
He can sing pretty well and he can dance his ass off and he can do acrobatics
When he talks he's a naturally silly and he can act alright

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He covered Yamapi's song solo


2: 2018/05/15(火) 16:03:48.56 0
His voice is unpleasant

3: 2018/05/15(火) 16:04:29.29 0
167 cm

4: 2018/05/15(火) 16:04:35.39 0
Try hard

5: 2018/05/15(火) 16:05:02.52 0
Lately he's been getting gori-oshi'd

6: 2018/05/15(火) 16:06:26.27 0
His voice is too bad

9: 2018/05/15(火) 16:07:17.61 0
He has a uniqe scratchy voice
He's in dramas but I'm only concerned with his voice. His acting isn't bad though

7: 2018/05/15(火) 16:06:36.87 0
He's short and his voice is bad

10: 2018/05/15(火) 16:10:44.46 0
Iwahashi is cuter

11: 2018/05/15(火) 16:10:56.08 0
165 cm

14: 2018/05/15(火) 16:13:58.98 0
I think he looks like Shori but the parts under this kids nose are horrible and make him look ugly
I don't feel like his singing is good either

15: 2018/05/15(火) 16:15:27.32 0
I can see how from underneath his eyes he's gorilla-like
His singing is unique and that can be divided by preference but I think his dancing is good

18: 2018/05/15(火) 16:19:13.79 0
I predicted from the time he was put in the group so I hate him

25: 2018/05/15(火) 16:23:00.01 0
Huh, he used to be in Boys and Men?
Did he have some sort of connection?

27: 2018/05/15(火) 16:23:54.25 0
The dance teacher from Boys and Men had a connection to Johnny's so he introduced him

26: 2018/05/15(火) 16:23:19.73 0
No one talks about him at all but I think Jinguji-kun is better

28: 2018/05/15(火) 16:24:23.63
I don't understand what you want to do by lining up his good points and asking us what we think
Do you want to ask if he's popular or not?

30: 2018/05/15(火) 16:27:01.55 0
I posted a video so I wanted you to see the performance
I didn't intend to line up his good points
I'm not really singing his praises

31: 2018/05/15(火) 16:28:02.00 0
I like Tenma-kun

36: 2018/05/15(火) 16:36:26.72 0
His gorioshi is annoying so I hate him

39: 2018/05/15(火) 16:41:15.53 0
I can't read his name...
*The kanji for his name is unnecessarily complicated

40: 2018/05/15(火) 16:41:15.68 0
SHARK was interesting
I enjoyed watching up until the second season
Something or the other happened so disappointingly there wasn't a sequel

41: 2018/05/15(火) 16:43:35.11 0
It's better not to say that Johnny's are good at dancing
Exile and such are there

42: 2018/05/15(火) 16:44:36.99 0
I watched the performance but it was typical performance and I didn't feel anything special
There are lots of them who can do acrobatics
I also like unique Johnny's dancing though

45: 2018/05/15(火) 16:47:27.26 0
I watched the drama but I think that Nakagawa Taishi has more of an idol feel

46: 2018/05/15(火) 16:52:32.22 0
He's being gori-oshi'd but he's the most popular in the group
That's why the favorites are hated

47: 2018/05/15(火) 16:53:53.71 0
Hirano・Sato Shori・Nakayama Yuma
They all have the same face so it's too easy to tell Johnny's preferences

48: 2018/05/15(火) 16:58:49.54 0
Iwahashi was supposed to be the most popular junior
He's being pushed out from close by

49: 2018/05/15(火) 16:59:57.97 0
Scratchy voiced ikemen

50: 2018/05/15(火) 17:00:55.33 0
Prince is more popular, right

What do you Think of King & Prince's Center, Hirano Shou? What do you Think of King & Prince's Center, Hirano Shou? Reviewed by Mai Kaku on 12:42 PM Rating: 5

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