Miura Shohei and Kiritani Mirei to get Married at the End of June

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三浦翔平&桐谷美玲 6月下旬結婚へ「この人と結婚したいと思っている」― スポニチ Sponichi Annex 芸能
三浦翔平&桐谷美玲 6月下旬結婚へ「この人と結婚したいと思っている」― スポニチ Sponichi Annex 芸能www.sponichi.co.jp

The couple co-starred in the 2016 drama "Suki na Hito ga Iru Koto." Since last year they were seen on dates together, and that developed into a relationship. They were conscious of marriage since the beginning. Kiritani has a strong desire for marriage, and said "I am thinking that I want to marry this person."

三浦翔平&桐谷美玲 6月下旬結婚へ!「この人と結婚したいと思っている」

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Here it is~
Finally a topic!

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You should give up on Miura Shohei 笑

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I never thought they would get married
They'll probably get divorced but congratulations

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Will this be okay?

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I looks like Kiritani Mirei is the one who wants to get married.
I wonder if they'll be okay?

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Huh? So it wasn't Honda Tsubasa??

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I think they both have a similar aura

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She opened her eyes w

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Two people I can't stand. Especially the man.

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So this isn't the usual prediction it's a determined thing? Is this certain?

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Isn't Miura Shohei someone you never hear anything good about?

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Either one seems like they have a bad personality so they suit each other

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So they aren't just saying it carelessly like with MatsuJun and Makino Tsukushi?

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It wasn't definitively stated that they would be getting married!

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Can't shake the feeling that she's just in love with love

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Isn't Miura Shohei the guy who said "ugly girls go home"?

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