List of "Johnny's Most Liked by Men" Gains Attention for Being Unexpected

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1. Ohno Satoshi 130 votes

"He's good at singing and drawing and I like his attitude." (Male/19/student)
"I saw the movie 'Shinobi no Kuni' and though that fight scenes were appealing." (Male/26/Public servant)
"I like that even though he has a lot of talent in singing, dancing, acting and art he is humble. Last year he was cool in the movie "Shinobi no Kuni." I was really taken. He gets points for liking fishing too. I look forward to his activities." (Male/41/company employee)

2. Kimura Takuya 70 votes

"He's pretty good looking. Charismatic." (Male/23/student)
"The way he goes about things is cool. By being quiet you get results at work. Looking at people who don't get results and have articles written about them without meaning, he looks interesting in contrast." (Male/36/self employed)
"He's the same age as me, and he is trying his best after SMAP's disbandment. He looks younger than people his age so that makes me want to support him."(male/45/company employee)
"No matter what age he reaches, he continues to show a coolness that fits with that age. Other than that, when he acts with women, his movements are really good."

3. Nakajima Yuto 59 votes

"When I saw him in magazines I thought he was good looking." (Male/21/student)
"Because he's manly and tall, and even looking at him from the same sex he's admirable." (Male/22/company employee)
"I was reading Men's Nonno and he looks good regardless of the clothes. He has a nice body and I'm jealous." (Male/26/public servant)
"Because he's a straightforward good young man, and if he were at my workplace he would probably be a good subordinate." (Male/60/company employee)
"It's unlawful that he's 180cm with that face. I want him to give me some of his height." (Male/46/company employee)

37: 2018/05/06(日) 07:56:28.16
This is an article written under the direction of Johnny's www

89: 2018/05/06(日) 08:18:36.08
Johnny's ikemen list

no title

KimuTaku's transformation

no title

92: 2018/05/06(日) 08:20:04.39
1st is KimuTaku, 2nd is Nagatomo, 3rd is DoTsuyo
It would be like this for Johnny's that men admire
There's no reason for Ohno and Nakajima to rank in

378: 2018/05/06(日) 11:30:22.70
Not Domoto Tsuyoshi

201: 2018/05/06(日) 09:24:04.42
There's a traitor in there

365: 2018/05/06(日) 11:10:28.69
There's evil intention behind this poll right? Especially with number 3

459: 2018/05/06(日) 13:41:04.78
2018 Hated Johnny's Ranking

no title

 1 None  2987票
 2 Koyama Keiichiro1975票
 3 Kondo Masahiko  1053票
 4 Kimura Takuya  1041票
 5 Inoo Kei 806票
 6 Tegoshi Yuya  698票
 7 Matsumoto Jun   690票
 8 Yamada Ryosuke  574票
 9 Okada Junichi  563票
10 Sakurai Sho   536票
11 Kikuchi Fuma  402票
12 Nakajima Kento  375票
13 Nakai Masahiro  360票
14 Hirano Sho  338票
15 Ohno Satoshi  315票

527: 2018/05/06(日) 17:41:19.10
That's an amazingly impossible top 3 w
I don't even know who the 3rd one is

528: 2018/05/06(日) 17:42:10.31
1~3 are seriously impossible
Did they manipulate the results too much?

6: 2018/05/06(日) 07:45:24.21
Ohno Satoshi・KimuTaku wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

30: 2018/05/06(日) 07:55:36.46
I was surprised that there are 180 people in Johnny's.

31: 2018/05/06(日) 07:55:46.06
Higashi is too good looking regardless of how much time passes

36: 2018/05/06(日) 07:56:17.52
Congratulations Member Ohno

38: 2018/05/06(日) 07:56:31.44
If they did it now Matsuoka would be number 1

187: 2018/05/06(日) 09:13:13.46
Also the comments on the poll sound like women

39: 2018/05/06(日) 07:56:52.11
Men from where.

46: 2018/05/06(日) 07:59:56.91
Ohno Satoshi is the least good looking person

47: 2018/05/06(日) 07:59:57.14
Not KimuTaku wwwww
It would be Nagase

56: 2018/05/06(日) 08:03:26.82
Hmm, Ohno-kun has many talents

59: 2018/05/06(日) 08:05:57.49
Nagase is an Ossan already, and he hasn't had any hits recently
To teenagers he's basically a sort of good looking Ojisan

So I thought but people in their 30's and 40's answered too
And with that there's no way that these kids would be chosen over Nagase w

60: 2018/05/06(日) 08:06:19.79
Riida is a middle aged star

61: 2018/05/06(日) 08:06:30.26
So there are people who admire Ohno

71: 2018/05/06(日) 08:11:37.20
So it's not KimuTaku. Even though his popularity was amazing in the 2000s

73: 2018/05/06(日) 08:12:17.47
Nagase is good looking on the outside but he doesn't really feel like the most admired

80: 2018/05/06(日) 08:14:54.02
What is the reason for Yamaguchi becoming such a big topic and the 3rd guy not becoming a big topic

87: 2018/05/06(日) 08:17:20.50
I'ms surprised that this many people know Nakajima w

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