Thursday, May 17, 2018

Kiritani Mirei's Agency Denies Rumours of Marriage in June

1. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:57:25 


桐谷美玲の事務所、三浦翔平との6月結婚報道を否定 - 結婚・熱愛 : 日刊スポーツ

桐谷美玲の事務所、三浦翔平との6月結婚報道を否定 - 結婚・熱愛 : 日刊スポーツ
Kiritani's agency denied the rumors, saying "There are no such plans."

2. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:58:09  [通報]+475-6
She's her agency's breadwinner huh.

3. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:58:22  [通報]+633-4
Let's wait until they make a comment themselves...

4. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:58:30  [通報]+634-6
Denial! That's why they posted a topic in the morning!

5. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:58:32  [通報]+221-7
Eh, don't care either way

6. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:58:41  [通報]+448-3
Even if it's not in June they will marry at some point

7. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:59:02  [通報]+571-4
That's it
Without Kuroki Meisa and Horikita Maki and even with Kiritani Mirei Sweet Power will have no function so as an agency they want to crush the rumors

8. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:59:02  [通報]+1032 -14
Miura "She was in a hurry! I want to play around more so I won't get married w"

9. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:59:12  [通報]+390-5
They will probably end up like Ariyoshi and Natsume-chan because of the pressure of their agency

10. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:59:22  [通報]+231-6
I feel a darkness from this agency~

11. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:59:36  [通報]+211-2
Which is it? w
Since the previous topic was posted in the morning I thought it was the real thing w

12. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:59:45  [通報]+139-8
I think it's good to get married

13. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 09:59:47  [通報]+199-6
In the afternoon Miura's agency will probably make a denial comment

14. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 10:00:01  [通報]+220-5
So they'll do it in July?

15. 匿名 2018/05/16(水) 10:00:05  [通報]+363-6
Does the world only have interest in them if they are marrying?



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