Friday, May 4, 2018

Has the TOKIO Story Gotten to Big?

1風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
Is it really something to make this much of a big deal out of?

3風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
Yamaguchi Member is the one getting attention

5風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
TOKIO became national stars all of a sudden lol

6風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
They should have quickly reported him as a suspect and dropped him from his contract
They half-assedly defended him so it became like this

7風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
That's right enough of Yamaguchi topics
It it such a thing to make a big fuss over TOKIO too?
Is it because they won't be able to do any activities anymore?

12風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水) 14:09:26.75ID:S5L2S/
Don't have a press conference if you're not going to settle the matter

9風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
They said "we all take responsibility"
Yamaguchi is an adult though

13風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
It's a Johnny's scheme
They're just going to collect sympathy and bring him back

14風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
Lately the public has been ganging up on guys who do this sort of thing
Who cares

20風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
There's probably another side to this
They're making this too important

21風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
They should just send out a fax saying that they will do activities as 4 for now on without Yamaguchi

22風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
Yamaguchi is cool

23風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水) 14:11:46.30ID:b/
Just because a 46 year old Ossan touched a 17 year old girl's mouth it ended up like this

26風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水) 14:13:14.13ID:b/
Since you guys are adults don't cry while you're talking
TOKIO really sucks

27風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
The press conference is like he killed someone lol

28風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
It wasn't just a kiss I bet. Since everyone around him is so pissed of maybe Yamaguchi was always a hardcore high school girl chasing sex offender?

35風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
They're certainly making too much of a big deal

39風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
If he were a regular person he would be societally dead

41風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
Does the whole group need to apologize?
It's just pathetic

45風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)>>41 
They're earning viewers
Gotta do what you gotta do

50風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
If you guys were forcefully kissed by a ganguro Oba-san would you be able to say the same thing?

58風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
I think it's not too much to say that if you were in the same group with someone for over 20 years that it would end up like this

60風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
They're used to sexual harassment I bet

72風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
This is a plan to feel sorry for TOKIO!
It shows the justice in flaming that pervert brute Yamaguchi~

76風吹けば名無し :2018/05/02(水)
They're just being made to say those things anyway
I don't understand what the meaning of it is


*Original thread was created before Yamaguchi's departure from Johnny's was announced


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