Bands Who Do Anime Songs but Whose Members Seem to Hate Anime

1: 2018/05/07(月) 22:16:31.88

5: 2018/05/07(月) 22:18:05.97
On that point the otaku group Glay are gods

7: 2018/05/07(月) 22:18:22.21
Asian Kung Fu Generation

8: 2018/05/07(月) 22:18:29.45
Yunizon all like anime

9: 2018/05/07(月) 22:18:48.72'

10: 2018/05/07(月) 22:18:48.96
L'Arc~en~Ciel are anime otakus

12: 2018/05/07(月) 22:19:29.23
SPYAIR and AjiKan seem like they hate it
Galileo Galilei too

13: 2018/05/07(月) 22:19:41.50 ID:thn8/Cb/
Just by looking at lyrics by people who are popular among anime wotas you can tell that a lot of them properly read the work before hand

16: 2018/05/07(月) 22:20:58.81

17: 2018/05/07(月) 22:21:04.31
Yunizon seems like they it but instead they hate it

18: 2018/05/07(月) 22:21:30.57

19: 2018/05/07(月) 22:21:44.36
I haven't heard Uverworld once say that they like anime
If they are called an anime song band by fans they get angry
Those songs are no good unless used in anime

22: 2018/05/07(月) 22:22:47.45

23: 2018/05/07(月) 22:23:17.24

24: 2018/05/07(月) 22:23:39.57
Laruku are aniwotas

25: 2018/05/07(月) 22:24:30.17 ID:V16/
She's not a band but LiSa

31: 2018/05/07(月) 22:25:44.86
Does FLOW hate anime?

33: 2018/05/07(月) 22:26:19.24
At first they hated it but now it seems that they like it

40: 2018/05/07(月) 22:28:42.46 ID:g/
It seems like they like things from JUMP or Champion but with late night anime they would be disgusted

34: 2018/05/07(月) 22:26:26.75
Yet again she's not a band but Yui
Because she says it's painful to make songs for the sake for tying into anime

36: 2018/05/07(月) 22:26:51.57 ID:/
Yonezu Kenshi

37: 2018/05/07(月) 22:27:24.21
DOES pretends like they hate but they like it

39: 2018/05/07(月) 22:28:25.37
They appeared at a Gintama event so they have an understanding of it

41: 2018/05/07(月) 22:29:11.26
There are levels to anime songs too
If it's Naruto or One Piece then they would probably be happy

43: 2018/05/07(月) 22:29:35.78
BUMP seems like they like anime
Particularly Eva

47: 2018/05/07(月) 22:30:45.45 ID:/
Yunizon all like it

48: 2018/05/07(月) 22:31:12.22
Laruku all like Eva
Even Hyde said "Amuro Rei?" when told he looks like Amuro

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