Arata Mackenyu Tops Ranking for National Treasure Ikemen

1: 2018/05/23(水) 05:04:36.46 _USER9
In the May 23 issue of ViVi magazine, the ranking of "National Treasure Ikemen" will be announced. Mackenyu topped that list.

ViVi readers participated in the survey by using the ViVi app and website and voted for their choice of the "National Ikemen Treasure NOW" and "National Ikemen Treasure NEXT." The one chosen for "NEXT" was Hirano Sho who is currently starring in the drama "Hana Nochi Hare."

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7: 2018/05/23(水) 05:13:50.81
At the very least Mackenyu is on a different level from Suda Masaki and Hoshino Gen

33: 2018/05/23(水) 05:43:24.70
And that means that Mackenyu is not a peninsula person but a Japanese
That's rare

9: 2018/05/23(水) 05:15:25.26
This reckless gorioshi is dangerous
Now is the era of Korean faces so a chibi with a strong face like Mackenyu won't be popular

23: 2018/05/23(水) 05:35:08.28
Korean faces are old I'm tired of them

70: 2018/05/23(水) 06:47:59.02
The only Korean with a pretty good popularity is Ayano Go

45: 2018/05/23(水) 06:03:18.18
He has a face that would be popular in China or Taiwan

92: 2018/05/23(水) 07:15:30.36
This doesn't matter but the level of models has dropped too much.

If possible I would want Mackenyu to have at least 180 cm.
With that he would be perfect.

266: 2018/05/23(水) 10:27:38.67
He's an ikemen but he has the perfect plastic surgery face

3: 2018/05/23(水) 05:09:31.14
Mackenyu's child-like persona is crafted and I hate it
His personality when he appeared on Shabekuri 7 was completely different

10: 2018/05/23(水) 05:15:43.78
His character is gradually changing but now it's settled and good

4: 2018/05/23(水) 05:12:40.14
I feel uncomfortable towards his eyelids in the picture

68: 2018/05/23(水) 06:47:42.07
There's the worry that as he ages he will get ugly
In the era that he's called a young man he's completely ikemen, but the omen of deterioration is coming in little by little

11: 2018/05/23(水) 05:18:22.36
He really is the most beautiful in Japan

12: 2018/05/23(水) 05:18:32.66
He's like Hirose Suzu's big brother

15: 2018/05/23(水) 05:22:57.54
His face is pretty manly
He looks exactly like Sonny Chiba in his younger days

16: 2018/05/23(水) 05:24:15.72
I wonder if his hidden child is an ikemen too?

17: 2018/05/23(水) 05:24:24.52
He has muscles and he's macho, and he has a pretty face
He is what's called a continental orthodox ikemen.
He's different from the ikemen by atmosphere and the male prostitute-like Johnnies.

18: 2018/05/23(水) 05:24:36.30
Not mistaken

That's all

19: 2018/05/23(水) 05:26:56.01
Chiba Shinichi's genes are the best

21: 2018/05/23(水) 05:28:39.56
The previous national treasure ikemen was Suda Masaki right.
I agree with this more than that

155: 2018/05/23(水) 08:24:07.94
Suda is a destructive grade

22: 2018/05/23(水) 05:31:58.18
What could it be, even though he is a current ikemen he has attributes of Chiba Shinichi and is an amazing ikemen

24: 2018/05/23(水) 05:35:08.74
Even though he's the national treasure ikemen, he's already the father of one child w

35: 2018/05/23(水) 05:45:00.93
It's fine that he's the father of a child, but the fact that the mother is his mother's friend is too gross
I can only think that a 14 year old boy and his mother's friend is crazy

50: 2018/05/23(水) 06:17:35.74
He's definitely an ikemen

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