Aqua Timez Announces Disbandment

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Aqua Timezが2018年をもって解散

According to the article: "Aqua Timez announced that they would be disbanding in 2018. The members announced the disbandment on their official site and personal blogs, giving various comments. The vocalists "Vo" stated that it was something the members all talked about and agreed upon. "We have come to this point originally understanding the difference in musicality, and because of that we loved each song we completed. Overcoming the difference in humanity, I like these four people the most. We blamed ourselves up until now, but that turned into the bond of being able to say 'We tried our best,'" he said.

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Daijobu da yo miagereba mo
*lyrics to the song "Niji"

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Gokusen's image

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I know "No More Cry" and "Niji"

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Are they the ones who said "Tsurai toki tsurai to iettara ii no ni na~"?

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Thanks for your hard work

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I liked Shiori!!!

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Oh yeah these guys did exist

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I liked Niji and Sen no Yoru

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Are they the people that did 100,000,000 no Aishiteru?

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Young people nowadays won't know them right? w

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What a nostalgic name
Thanks for your hard work!

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Seriously! This is my first time knowing this
Thanks for the info Garuchan

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Oh, they were still around

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Tsurai toki tsurai to iettara ii no ni na~ aa~

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I'm that the bands I liked in the past like Chatmonchy are continuing to disband...
Niji was a famous song. Thank you for everything up until now

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I listened to them a lot in the past. Thanks for your hard work!

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