Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Apart from Pico Taro, there are Zero Japanese Singers Known Worldwide


1: 2018/05/08(火) 07:43:15.41
Rihanna/Lady Gaga
Nicki Minaj
Ariana Grande/Bruno Mars
Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez
Jay Z/Kanye West

Avril Lavigne/Justin Bieber
Carly Rae Jepsen/Celine Dion
Drake/Sean Mendes/The Weekend

Ed Sheeran/Little Mix
Calvin Harris/Jessie J/Adele

David Getta/DJ Snake/AronChupa



How sad

2: 2018/05/08(火) 07:43:59.54
Sakamoto Kyu
Okay end of argument

6: 2018/05/08(火) 07:45:35.46
Even if you bring out the one hit wonder from 40 years ago

3: 2018/05/08(火) 07:44:50.46
Pico Taro isn't even well known

5: 2018/05/08(火) 07:44:54.31
It's recent ones right
What's famous isn't Kyu-chan it's Sukiyaki

7: 2018/05/08(火) 07:45:40.77
Speaking of which Pico Taro disappeared huh

8: 2018/05/08(火) 07:46:28.20
In reality there really aren't any?

9: 2018/05/08(火) 07:46:29.65
He's not a singer but Sakamoto Ryuichi

10: 2018/05/08(火) 07:46:50.69
But TWICE has 3 Japanese members...

11: 2018/05/08(火) 07:47:09.66
But there's Steve Aoki with 100% Japanese blood

12: 2018/05/08(火) 07:47:45.67
Utada Hikaru
Baby Metal
And such seem like they ranked in Billboard

16: 2018/05/08(火) 07:48:23.06
Utada Hikaru's American debut flopped

20: 2018/05/08(火) 07:49:32.55
I looked it up and isn't number 6 on Billboard amazing?

38: 2018/05/08(火) 07:53:46.19
Not on the main chart but the world chart

13: 2018/05/08(火) 07:47:47.22
Baby Metal are pretty well known

188: 2018/05/08(火) 08:31:08.62
Not at all

14: 2018/05/08(火) 07:48:01.58
I want people to stop pretending like One Ok Rock and Perfume are popular all over the world
I want them to say that they're popular when they enter the Billboard top 10 and appear all over TV like BTS

190: 2018/05/08(火) 08:31:49.35
To promote within the country they say "Popular around the world!"
Baby Metal is like that too

18: 2018/05/08(火) 07:49:10.23
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Okay end of thread

19: 2018/05/08(火) 07:49:18.61
When Baby Metal become adults they will no longer be popular. There's nothing but lolicons in America

22: 2018/05/08(火) 07:49:59.55
Hirasawa Susumu

24: 2018/05/08(火) 07:51:17.18
Ono Yoko

27: 2018/05/08(火) 07:51:30.73

32: 2018/05/08(火) 07:52:25.49
Suddenly the argument was won lol
Even so it's a bit sad that Pico Taro is number 2
Aren't there any anime songs that are famous in America

35: 2018/05/08(火) 07:53:14.83
There are Japanese members in TWICE so they're safe
Momo-chan is the most popular in North and South America

36: 2018/05/08(火) 07:53:19.03
One Ok Rock has a good reputation overseas you know

39: 2018/05/08(火) 07:53:50.40
Speaking of which what happened to Crossfaith?

40: 2018/05/08(火) 07:54:05.19
Ono Yoko, end of argument

43: 2018/05/08(火) 07:54:43.05
One Ok Rock does a crappy rip off of a genre that was popular over 10 years ago and they are popular overseas?
Are you kidding?

45: 2018/05/08(火) 07:55:07.94
I didn't even know of their existence in the first place

44: 2018/05/08(火) 07:55:00.08
One Ok Rock isn't popular overseas

50: 2018/05/08(火) 07:56:29.04
Ultimately only artists from long ago came up...

51: 2018/05/08(火) 07:56:41.85
There are a lot of famous Japanese singers in Southeast Asia...

60: 2018/05/08(火) 07:58:17.14
Anime song singers are famous too



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