What Do You Think of The Tendency to Praise "Ikemen by Atmosphere"?

1. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:50:15+598-69
I understand that people have their preferences, but I think that saying celebrities who are not ikemen are ikemen by atmosphere is wrong.
Let me hear everyone's opinions.

2. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:51:02  [通報]+1030-19
I think that's a weird trend.
But you can tell if someone's an ikemen by looking at them

3. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:51:04  [通報]+2056-109

4. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:51:18  [通報]+2579-212
Iwata from Sandaime isn't that much of an ikemen but people make too much of a big deal about him

5. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:51:18  [通報]+559-8
It's the voice and the like.
I don't really get it.

6. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:51:23  [通報]+1968-145

7. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:51:24  [通報]+1061-63
This is just saying that your and my tastes are different.

8. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:51:26  [通報]+943-21
Everyone's preferences are different, so I can't really say anything.

9. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:51:37  [通報]+328-21
It's the same as someone looking like a beautiful woman from behind

10. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:51:41  [通報]+1516-139
Takahashi Issei and such are no good

12. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:52:23  [通報]+234-101


13. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:52:27  [通報]+730-20
On the opposite end there are actors who are not ikemen at all but including their personality are good looking.
No one's demanding ikemen by atmosphere

14. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:52:32  [通報]+2166-102
Only Hoshino Gen is a no
Only Hoshino Gen is a no

It's important so I said it twice

15. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:52:53  [通報]+1888-181
This person


16. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:52:55  [通報]+1066-46
Ikemen is short for "iketeru mens" in the first place it's not only referring to attractive men
If a guy has an atmosphere that is popular among the opposite sex then they can be an ikemen. There are a lot of people who have that mistaken

17. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:53:00  [通報]+643-36
It's not like anyone is losing because of this, and it's fine to say that ikemen by atmosphere and beautiful women by atmosphere are ikemen and beautiful women

17. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:53:00  [通報]+525-9
No, it's been like that since the past.
Take a look at Showa idols

19. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:53:11  [通報]+460-2
That's not only for men but for women too right?
Even on the regular news I feel like they write beautiful and ikemen for everyone
It's to the point that I feel sorry for people who they don't write that for

20. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:53:33  [通報]+1194-394
Like Sakaguchi Kentaro?

21. 匿名 2018/04/21(土) 14:53:36  [通報]+1407-238
Lately there is a tendency to praise men that aren't even ikemen by atmosphere though?




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