Utada Hikaru Divorces for the Second Time


1: 2018/04/07(土) 06:10:49.17 ● BE:618588461-PLT(36669)

It was discovered on the 6th that Utada Hikaru divorced her Italian husband, who is 8 years younger. She announced a hiatus in 2014 and gave birth to her first son (2) in 2015. She was married to her ex-husband, movie director and photographer Kiriya Kazuaki for 4 1/2 years. Her second married also lasted around 4 years as well. It is unknown when they divorced, but news of the divorce has spread in her ex-husband's hometown in Italy. An acquaintance of theirs says they have been living separately for months. 

156: 2018/04/07(土) 07:25:51.60
Marry me!!

2: 2018/04/07(土) 06:11:39.45
Marry me auntie!

4: 2018/04/07(土) 06:12:09.14
Ultimately she's exactly like her mother

5: 2018/04/07(土) 06:12:38.26
It's like "of course"

6: 2018/04/07(土) 06:12:39.91
She should've married someone like me

7: 2018/04/07(土) 06:12:42.87
She has come to resemble her mother

257: 2018/04/07(土) 08:27:10.41
Like mother like daughter

10: 2018/04/07(土) 06:14:10.08
She's already 35 huh (´・ω・`)

11: 2018/04/07(土) 06:15:16.42
Her third marriage will come soon

13: 2018/04/07(土) 06:17:12.63
It's automatic
Soba in iru dake de paradaisu ni iru mitai
Divorces a second time

92: 2018/04/07(土) 06:54:23.77
Men from Okinawa are too trashy

15: 2018/04/07(土) 06:17:49.63
Welp there's no choice I'll take her

16: 2018/04/07(土) 06:18:47.80
Well something must be missing in her character
Even celebrities are masochistic

254: 2018/04/07(土) 08:26:10.54
More than her personality I think it's an illness
Fuji Keiko seems to have had a mental illness too, I wonder if she inherited it

17: 2018/04/07(土) 06:18:58.16
Did he get half of her fortune?

133: 2018/04/07(土) 07:13:27.82
In Italy they divided the money regardless of how much either person contributes so I wonder if she'll be okay

172: 2018/04/07(土) 07:31:47.33
Even if she lost half she has enough money that she'll never run out
If she makes more songs then it's certain that they'll be popular

Ah, shouldn't the husband be the one worried?

18: 2018/04/07(土) 06:19:00.56
Old lady...I'm good.

20: 2018/04/07(土) 06:19:18.00
Enough with the marriage old lady support me

21: 2018/04/07(土) 06:19:41.43
It's because her household circumstances were too unique
It would have been better for her not to get married in a bad way
She has money too so they probably just argued

26: 2018/04/07(土) 06:22:45.33
Children whose parents divorced and who came from a defunct household tend to have high rates of divorce

27: 2018/04/07(土) 06:23:02.97
Just marry Maekawa Kiyoshi's son

29: 2018/04/07(土) 06:23:41.15
Ishida Junichi's son is trash, but Utada has money. Do as you like

35: 2018/04/07(土) 06:27:24.41
There's no choice, I'll take her

71: 2018/04/07(土) 06:45:40.64
Marry me next old lady!

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