TOKIO Yamaguchi Tatsuya Accused of Sexual Assault

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TOKIO 山口達也メンバー 強制わいせつ容疑で書類送検 | NHKニュース
TOKIO 山口達也メンバー 強制わいせつ容疑で書類送検 | NHKニュース

According to the article, charges have been filed against member Yamaguchi Tatsuya, who is accused of forcibly kissing and doing other acts to a female high school student in his home. Sexual assault charges were filed at the police headquarters.

According to the investigation, he met the girl through work and invited her to his home to drink alcohol. A person involved with the investigation says all of the facts were gathered in a police interview and the charges were filed.

Johnny's released this statement: "We are deeply sorry that [Yamaguchi] drank alcohol and kissed the victim without considering her feelings. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts to victim and have reached a reconciliation."

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He's done for.

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It's over

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I'm shocked!

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Too gross!
I feel sorry for his family

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Huh, shocked

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Garuchan is heavy now.

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He's done it now

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Tatsuya-san what the heck are you doing?

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What will happen with Dash and Bonbi Girl?

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Although he's divorced I feel sorry for his child

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Member Yamaguchi Tatsuya

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It's finally connected!

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Johnny's is done for

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Not unexpected

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I want to believe it's a lie...

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I was so shocked I let my voice out on the train

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