Shibutani Subaru to Quit Kanjani 8, Summer Tour to Possibly be Cancelled

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There was a previous top but

渋谷すばるが「関ジャニ∞」を脱退か 今夏の全国ツアーがなくなる可能性も - ライブドアニュース
渋谷すばるが「関ジャニ∞」を脱退か 今夏の全国ツアーがなくなる可能性も - ライブドアニュース

Since the Friday article came out I'm making a topic.

Johnny's is in a big panic after Shibutani's actions.

If Shibutani is, there is a possibility that the planned 5 dome summer tour will be out of the window. At Johnny's, there is a place where groups are called to when there is a problem. This time, in order to persuade him from leaving, Fujishima Julie (51) gathered the members and tried to convince Shibutani.

【FRIDAY】渋谷すばる『関ジャニ∞』を脱退へ 今夏の全国ツアーがなくなる可能性も

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Who will sing?

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This guy can't sell records solo

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I don't feel any eagerness from this guy and I hate his style of singing

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Johnny's, other than SMAP are worn out

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Kanjani has few ikemen

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This is for taking the heat off Nino~

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He looks like a hoodlum

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So it's not that he did something that can't be covered up?

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He had the atmosphere that he was going solo

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This person seems like he has no eagerness, is that okay?

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I liked Kanjani 8 in the past
If Subaru isn't there, YokoHina won't shine
Even Yasu, even Maru need Subaru.

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He probably won't go the Yamapi route

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I like Kanjani so I believe he won't retire (;_;)

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Even if he entered Johnny's wanting to be an idol when he entered his later 30's his way of thinking has greatly changed, and probably has insecurity in the position he has been put in.
Like if things will be okay like this, and such.

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SMAP continued for a long time without Mori-kun, so they will make it somehow right?

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People are saying it's to take the heat off Nino though w

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