Nishikido Ryo Beaten Up by Actor Eita

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錦戸亮が瑛太にボコボコに殴られた午前2時 現場写真入手&ふたりを直撃(FRIDAY) - Yahoo!ニュース
錦戸亮が瑛太にボコボコに殴られた午前2時 現場写真入手&ふたりを直撃(FRIDAY) - Yahoo!ニュース

錦戸亮が瑛太にボコボコに殴られた午前2時 現場写真入手&ふたりを直撃

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Hm? Is this a real story?

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Eita is scary

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Eita and that little brother of his are dangerous guys...

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Huh. This crosses the line of being a joke.

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Eita is a father so please do better

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I hate Eita

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Before that let's talk about Eita's clothes....

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Eita was that kind of person?

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Too scary.

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Isn't the Johnny's side being quiet?

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It's well known that Eita has bad drinking habits

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Is the stress building up?

16. 匿名 2018/04/20(金) 08:03:37  [通報]+1971-37
If you make an enemy out of Johnny's you'll be aired out www

17. 匿名 2018/04/20(金) 08:03:43  [通報]+5437-36
>While putting up his middle finger and showing the "FUCK" pose, he started to tease Eita-san.

Even if they drinking it's not good for Nishikido to do this ↑...
But if it's true that Eita go pissed off and beat up Nishikido then that's too scary.

18. 匿名 2018/04/20(金) 08:03:46  [通報]+1308-34
Isn't it dangerous to put your hands on a Johnny?

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Eita is Eita, but Nishikido is also Nishikido

20. 匿名 2018/04/20(金) 08:03:55  [通報]+1232-18
Eita was that kind of character?

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