Ninomiya Kazunari and Ito Ayako Caught on Driving Date

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Nino's car was parked in the parking lot. Instead of getting in the driver's seat he got into the rear passenger seat. The person driving was Ito Ayako.

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They're still at it?

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Still continuing!!!!
So that means her resignation was a strategy towards marriage?

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She successfully transformed into a professional girlfriend

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I bet the fans will be disappointed!

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Get married already www

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At this rate they will get married.
They are at the right age.

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Nino wotas going crazy

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Well well time for Janiwotas to go crazy

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So they're still at it!
She also quit her job so I wonder if this is the course to marriage

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The woman is driving?

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Become happy with Nino already!
Insinuating a relationship is not that much of a bad thing.
Don't mind those Janiwotas

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I wonder if they will follow the Tokio Matsuoka pattern and get married for real?
Thinking of the current Arashi situation wouldn't marriage be impossible?

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She's nice

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Huh they're still at it?

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Whoa! They're still dating!

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This will be a mess (笑)

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