Men Who Are Ikemen But You Can't Stand

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Are there any men that are said to be ikemen but you can't stand them? For example I would say KimuTaku, Oguri Shun, and Fukuyama Masaharu are ones I can't stand, sorry to the fans...speaking recently I can't stand Yokohama Ryusei. Is there anyone who is called an ikemen that you don't like?


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Yamazaki Kento

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Same, I don't like those three 笑

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Takahashi Issei
Hoshino Gen


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Haga Kenji

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Oguri Shun

I don't like how under his nose looks

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Another thread for flaming Miura Shohei??

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Yoshizawa Ryo is gross

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The person called O-Ryo

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Nakagawa Taishi
Even though he doesn't have plastic surgery I don't like that his eyes look like he has plastic surgery

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Don't post a topic while thinking "I'm sorry"

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Takeuchi Ryoma
I can't stand that cutesy act

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Johnny's talents

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Yamashita Tomohisa

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Strong faces like Mackenyu and Matsumoto Jun

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Mackenyu. He's too chiseled

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This person


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Hoshino Gen is okay for me but I don't think he is an ikemen

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Saito Takumi

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Takahasi Issei
I don't understand why he's treated like an ikemen

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I don't know what's so good about Fukushi Sota

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