Isn't the Quality of the Recent Vocaloid Artists too High?

1: 2018/04/15(日) 01:34:55.64
Yonezu goes without saying and on Eve n-buna, Nayutalien and the like only make good songs
A revolution will happen in the Jpop world, no it's happening...

2: 2018/04/15(日) 01:35:26.43
My ears are really happy...w

3: 2018/04/15(日) 01:35:27.94
Sorry I only know two of those

5: 2018/04/15(日) 01:36:15.12

8: 2018/04/15(日) 01:36:42.21
I only know Yonezu

10: 2018/04/15(日) 01:37:41.92
Listen properly
I warned you

11: 2018/04/15(日) 01:37:52.23
Why didn't you post Hitorie

12: 2018/04/15(日) 01:38:45.56

15: 2018/04/15(日) 01:39:37.31
You're making a quick judgement and being hypocritical

18: 2018/04/15(日) 01:40:25.26
It's a given that they're crap

13: 2018/04/15(日) 01:38:59.49
I only know Yonezu and he's not really my preference

16: 2018/04/15(日) 01:39:55.80
That's you are late to the trend

14: 2018/04/15(日) 01:39:33.07
They're only using Vocaloid as an item to rise to the top quickly
Fans will keep saying they knew about the artist from the past, like a writer of light novels who reached the public, but from the artists point of view they treat it like a past they want to soon forget and will stop including it in their personal history

17: 2018/04/15(日) 01:40:16.65
Nayutan only lives on Nico Nico Douga

23: 2018/04/15(日) 01:42:19.19
You don't know anything huh

27: 2018/04/15(日) 01:43:50.57
Does Nayutan make any music outside of Vocaloid?

33: 2018/04/15(日) 01:44:32.87
There's Nanawoakari

26: 2018/04/15(日) 01:43:36.05
You should just listen to Hitorie

36: 2018/04/15(日) 01:45:35.68 ID:/
What about Kamisama, I have noticed?

37: 2018/04/15(日) 01:46:02.37
Nabuna is certainly a genius but to put it clearly Yoroshika's songs are super average

42: 2018/04/15(日) 01:47:07.45
They have a great song called Itte.

41: 2018/04/15(日) 01:46:53.23
Is that Yone or whatever the guy called Hachi?

51: 2018/04/15(日) 01:50:41.81 ID:00P0/
I thought n-buna fell off since Toumei Elegy

52: 2018/04/15(日) 01:50:58.01
Stinks of OG appeal

29: 2018/04/15(日) 01:43:53.42
If it's not a name from the Vocaloid generation then I don't know which from which

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