Is There a Japanese Band that Could be Successful Overseas?

1: 2018/03/23(金) 09:14:26.819 ID:9lcE5VaE
Is there?

2: 2018/03/23(金) 09:15:02.102 ID:bSOb75H0a
Something like Babymetal right?

3: 2018/03/23(金) 09:16:15.440 ID:w46dqq8Id

4: 2018/03/23(金) 09:16:37.932 ID:DjZMGl+9d
Sekai no Owari

5: 2018/03/23(金) 09:16:55.901 ID:4uH7nJvQa

2018/03/23(金) 09:17:33.599 ID:RhQB3EKGd

34: 2018/03/23(金) 10:28:31.752 ID:vgce4Hw9r
Uehara Hiromi who received a Grammy award and was number 1 on the jazz chart did stealth marketing...

9: 2018/03/23(金) 09:17:38.481 ID:1pYxIzf40

10: 2018/03/23(金) 09:17:45.818 ID:fdGj/2yL0
(´;ω;`) UNCHAIN did an overseas tour with Michael Jackson's former producer but, I don't know what happened to them

11: 2018/03/23(金) 09:18:57.635 ID:w46dqq8Id
I liked that fusion style

12: 2018/03/23(金) 09:19:00.491 ID:GnSW/SGzp
I feel like there are a lot of bands that are more liked overseas than in Japan
To say concretely that would bands with real ability

13: 2018/03/23(金) 09:20:15.984 ID:xa3LQbjL0
Like Man with a Mission?

15: 2018/03/23(金) 09:21:17.124 ID:ni7n2rfBa

16: 2018/03/23(金) 09:21:28.372 ID:vgce4Hw9r
Shonen Knife

17: 2018/03/23(金) 09:23:23.633 ID:0l3RSb6M0
There's not one group
The bar for what Japanese people say is successful overseas is too low

19: 2018/03/23(金) 09:24:27.388 ID:HysTBcwxa
There are no groups who are successful to the true meaning of the word. Get number 1 on Billboard

25: 2018/03/23(金) 09:33:50.498 ID:vgce4Hw9r
If it's musical performance then Yashiki Gota has reached number 1

28: 2018/03/23(金) 09:40:33.447 ID:Y6P4ASdz0
One won't come out after all

31: 2018/03/23(金) 09:52:05.309 ID:zVvi0kJi0
He's not a band but if we're talking about gathering attention then it would definitely be Pikotaro

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