Monday, April 30, 2018

If Johnny's were no more who would remain in the entertainment industry

1. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:45:41 +539-39
Being with the disbandment of SMAP, I feel like Johnny's has become a mess with dating scandals, retirements, and deplorable acts.
I thought they were the strongest in the entertainment industry up until now, but it may not be strange if they were no longer around in the near future.

If there were no more Johnny's who do you think would remain in the entertainment business?

2. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:46:24  [通報]+3157-171
He has his own television program and he would probably make it with just hosting

3. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:46:25  [通報]+1933-119

4. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:46:29  [通報]+824-743

5. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:46:33  [通報]+1596-110

6. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:46:42  [通報]+290-883
Okada Junichi.
Because he's a good actor.

7. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:46:51  [通報]+2116-243
Ikuta Toma-kun

8. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:46:53  [通報]+329-859
Ninomiya Kazunari
His looks are whatever but he's a good actor.

9. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:46:55  [通報]+2611-129
Inocchi and Kazama-kun

10. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:46:56  [通報]+1703-154

11. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:47:00  [通報]+1335-145
Nagase Tomoya

12. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:47:01  [通報]+2097-192
KimuTaku would disappear quickly

13. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:47:07  [通報]+26-184
Anyone not belonging to Johnny's will remain

14. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:47:07  [通報]+125-571
Murakami Shingo
Nishikido Ryo

15. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:47:23  [通報]+1032-226
Ikuta Toma is an actor so he'll be okay

16. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:47:28  [通報]+738-66

18. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:47:50  [通報]+1069-93
I can only think of Inocchi. But I don't know what would happen to Inocchi though

19. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:47:58  [通報]+1617-298
Sakurai Sho
He would probably be used for different things at NiTere

20. 匿名 2018/04/29(日) 15:48:05  [通報]+522-74
There are none.
This is the company that tried to cover up those deplorable acts.



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