Hey! Say! Jump Okamoto Keito "I dropped out of Sophia University"

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Hey! Say! JUMP岡本圭人が告白「上智大を退学しました」│NEWSポストセブンwww.news-postseven.com
Hey! Say! JUMPの岡本圭人(25才)が上智大学を退学していたことを明らかにした。「昨年の秋、メンバーに集まってもらって、ぼくの大学のことを“報告”しました。この6年間、メンバーはぼくが仕事をしながら学生を続けることをサポートしてくれましたから。もしぼくがメンバーの立場だったら、報告を聞いてとても落胆したと思います。でもみんなは何も言わず、“圭人、大丈夫?”と…」

"In the summer of last year, I got a letter from the college. I learned that I dropped out of school from my father, who opened the letter. When I started activities in entertainment I promised my father "I will definitely graduated college," and I Johnny-san celebrated my entrance to college. Even with all of that I dropped out of school. I am really sorry that I caused trouble to my father, people from the company, the members, and my fans."

Hey! Say! JUMP岡本圭人が告白「上智大を退学しました」

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As expected.

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Of course

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What a waste of tuition

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What a waste...and the company is in confusion

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This is good
Even if he kept going with no aim the tuition money would go to waste

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If you run after two hares you will catch neither
He probably won't be popular as an idol either

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Alright, if you failed ultimately then quit Johnny's!

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Even thought it's a waste of tuition.
Even though he could have tried.

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Since your group's position is mediocre at least try to finish college
It's all half cooked

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So he was kicked out of school huh

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