Do Singers Need Good Looks?

1: 2018/04/08(日) 02:58:13.649
For idols I understand but for female singers is being pretty better?

2: 2018/04/08(日) 02:59:05.111
If it's not the level of Moritaka Chisato then I don't want to hear it

4: 2018/04/08(日) 03:00:49.515
Ieiri Reo "I don't think so"

5: 2018/04/08(日) 03:02:33.511
Reo-chan is one of the better ones

7: 2018/04/08(日) 03:05:14.793 ID:9A/
I think it's important to an extent but if that becomes the main purpose then I think that's not right

8: 2018/04/08(日) 03:05:19.155
So we're not in the situation where good looks are required beforehand?

9: 2018/04/08(日) 03:06:51.464
When I see Miura Daich and Okazakai Taiiki then I think looks are necessary

11: 2018/04/08(日) 03:08:17.168
If looks were a requirement then Adele and Misia wouldn't be popular

12: 2018/04/08(日) 03:08:28.793
I think looks that fit with the song's imagery are good

13: 2018/04/08(日) 03:10:17.142
I don't understand the point of dancing to the point of sacrificing the song

14: 2018/04/08(日) 03:10:23.593
No matter how attractive a person is if I don't like the song then I won't listen so I guess looks don't matter

15: 2018/04/08(日) 03:10:51.122
It's necessary
Setting aside whether or not someone would be popular faces that are unpleasant when plastered on television are difficult
Yonezu Kenshi is horrible

16: 2018/04/08(日) 03:11:34.706
Miura Daichi is horrible too

17: 2018/04/08(日) 03:17:20.970
There are people with average faces who are popular but I think that if they had better looks then they would be more popular

20: 2018/04/08(日) 03:22:08.223 ID:shwe/
That's true

19: 2018/04/08(日) 03:21:19.864
If Miura Daichi had better looks then he would take over the world

21: 2018/04/08(日) 03:24:39.632
It's amazing that even though he dances so aggressively that it has no effect on his voice

22: 2018/04/08(日) 03:27:46.797 ID:shwe/
Didn't Miura Daichi have a boom a few years ago and then disappeared like a one hit wonder? It's awesome that he came back up from that

23: 2018/04/08(日) 03:36:12.662
No he just didn't appear on tv as much

24: 2018/04/08(日) 03:38:27.027 ID:shwe/
I guess he just didn't appear on tv as much?

27: 2018/04/08(日) 03:47:41.481
If possible then good looks are better

29: 2018/04/08(日) 03:55:06.017
There's no need for a good looking Sambomaster

32: 2018/04/08(日) 04:01:12.329
LOLwwww Definitely www

30: 2018/04/08(日) 03:57:07.398
For male singers if they are not ikemen then it's okay if they have a littler flavor but for women it's difficult
This is old but Hana*Hana were one hit wonders

31: 2018/04/08(日) 03:57:23.195
If the looks are bad then they can't even debut

35: 2018/04/08(日) 04:12:10.096
If the songs are good, the voice quality is good and you sing in a high voice then you will get popular without being pretty
In Japan if you can't make songs then it's hard

33: 2018/04/08(日) 04:02:22.402 ID:cQTC/
If you don't rely on looks then you look like a true musician


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