Monday, March 12, 2018

Say what you like, but the level of today's ikemen is too low

1: 2018/03/10(土) 19:03:12.77
Suda Masaki
no title

Takeuchi Ryoma
no title

Nomura Shohei
no title

The number one ikemen from the past
no title

3: 2018/03/10(土) 19:03:38.89
That's good...

4: 2018/03/10(土) 19:03:54.91
But you guys are lower than that

6: 2018/03/10(土) 19:04:09.98
We have nothing to do with this...

18: 2018/03/10(土) 19:07:36.34
Takeuchi is one of the good ones
Apart from these Takashi Issei and Sakaguchi Kentaro are pretty bad

23: 2018/03/10(土) 19:08:44.66
I think you are just jealous of the other two but Suda Masaki is really ugly

25: 2018/03/10(土) 19:09:31.36
Kimura Takuya
Nagase Tomoya

no title

no title

26: 2018/03/10(土) 19:09:40.77
Takeuchi is tall and has a cute face, he's an ikemen

27: 2018/03/10(土) 19:10:03.17
This is the same from before. The standard for Japanese ikemen is low
It's just that it can't be helped because they're Japanese

29: 2018/03/10(土) 19:10:13.78
I hate the mole around Takeuchi's mouth

30: 2018/03/10(土) 19:10:17.89
no title

no title

I'm going to post a good one

31: 2018/03/10(土) 19:10:32.69
Hyde at his peak

no title

33: 2018/03/10(土) 19:10:47.14
no title

34: 2018/03/10(土) 19:11:14.94
Johnny Depp

no title

Leonordo Dicaprio

no title

Brad Pitt

no title

35: 2018/03/10(土) 19:11:19.48
The level might have gone down compared with the past but OP is lower

37: 2018/03/10(土) 19:11:30.83
Top 2 from the 90s

no title\

38: 2018/03/10(土) 19:12:25.93
no title

Nomura Shohei is almost a regular person

40: 2018/03/10(土) 19:13:07.49
I like Sakaguchi Kentaro's face

43: 2018/03/10(土) 19:13:13.36
Suda Masaki has a bad face than an inferior ikemen

7: 2018/03/10(土) 19:14:07.40
If they all got a buzz cut

Mukai Osamu
no title

Suda Masaki
no title

Takeuchi Ryoma
no title

Nomura Shohei
no title

53: 2018/03/10(土) 19:15:31.87
Looking at this Mukai Osamu is an ikemen after all

50: 2018/03/10(土) 19:14:50.24
Prio is a true ikemen

no title

88: 2018/03/10(土) 19:27:21.52
Now he's become a fat Ossan

55: 2018/03/10(土) 19:16:06.45
A skinny athlete vs. Japan's #1 idols

no title

57: 2018/03/10(土) 19:17:13.54 /
Takeuchi Ryoma is a regular ikemen

65: 2018/03/10(土) 19:20:12.44
Do all NanJ'ers hate Johnny's faces?

75: 2018/03/10(土) 19:22:14.43
Because a lot of them have gorilla faces

80: 2018/03/10(土) 19:24:36.14
Not even gorilla they're just ugly

83: 2018/03/10(土) 19:25:48.53
There is are no ikemen better than the 50 year old Yoshii Kazuya

86: 2018/03/10(土) 19:26:59.56
I think Gan-dono from Sandaime is refreshing and nice

94: 2018/03/10(土) 19:28:35.12
Mukai Osamu has a face like a pretty  Audrey Wakabayashi but his figure is too good
His face is smaller than most actresses



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