Is There Power Harassment in Johnny's?

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Recently there was news of power harassment when a female pro-wrestler lodged a complaint. Matsumoto directly asked Nakama "Is there power harassment in Johnny's?" to which Nakama coolly answered "I don't really think there is much power harassment in Johnny's."

Also, he was asked whether or not there are factions in Johnny's. "I think that in Johnny's, there are groups that are favored and groups aren't favored. If I were to say which one, I would say that Johnny's West aren't favored. I guess Sexy Zone and such are favored."

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I bet there is favoritism

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Even viewers can see that Sexy Zone is getting more effort

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Matchy: "There isn't"

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When Iijima-san was there they obviously had factions

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Yamapi is the number 1 ikemen in Johnny's

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I kind of understand
Compared to Sexy Zone they definitely look like there isn't much importance put on them

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He's probably reading a script

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This kid is good at banter

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So his father is a Taiwanese...
Like Watanabe Naomi

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Yup, there's favoritism

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Of course they didn't ask "Is there sexual harassment in Johnny's?"

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Well if there's that much people then there will be those that are fitting and not fitting, and those who are liked and those who are not

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When this group first came out they were on Iijima's side

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