Wednesday, March 7, 2018

In Japan it is Difficult for Rock Bands to Last a Long Time

1: 2018/03/02(金) 18:19:36.60
Even Asian Kung Fu Generation are barely hanging on

2: 2018/03/02(金) 18:20:10.44

Maximum the Horomone

3: 2018/03/02(金) 18:20:12.31
I love Asian Kungfu Generation but they are already over with

4: 2018/03/02(金) 18:20:34.53
If it's a pop band can they make it?

5: 2018/03/02(金) 18:21:20.53
It would be good to make the change into an anime band

10: 2018/03/02(金) 18:22:17.34
Flow "Hey now hey now"

6: 2018/03/02(金) 18:21:26.72
A recent band that I like

7: 2018/03/02(金) 18:21:47.27
What do you think of The Pillows?

8: 2018/03/02(金) 18:21:50.83
The problem is too many bands are similar

9: 2018/03/02(金) 18:22:04.62
One full play of a song on Apple Music is only 0.2 yen royalty so they have nothing but despair

13: 2018/03/02(金) 18:22:43.97
The existence of a rock business in itself is impossible

14: 2018/03/02(金) 18:22:53.49
There is also the method of being low key for 30 years like Collectors

15: 2018/03/02(金) 18:23:30.59
Only bands targeted towards women get popular
If there's a band targeted towards old men show me please

16: 2018/03/02(金) 18:23:45.65
The most important thing is whether or not they constantly release music
UNISON was able to do that so they have remained

19: 2018/03/02(金) 18:24:06.05
How do Flower Companyz and such keep going?

12: 2018/03/02(金) 18:22:40.50
This has nothing to do with bands, you can't last long in this current music industry



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