Arata Mackenyu: "I developed a phobia of people. This world is scary..."

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新田真剣佑「人間恐怖症になった。この世界は怖い…」 芸能界の恐ろしさを告白

Arata appeared on the show Oshareism. The host Ueda thought it would take time for Arata to open up, but he heard that Arata was unexpectedly friendly and was surprised.

Arata said, "Three years ago I was like that. While I was meeting various people, I developed a phobia of people...Isn't scary? This world is especially scary."

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What in the world happened in the entertainment business?

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For some reason I hate this guy

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Okay so how about quitting?

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His mannequin looking face is scary

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Well it's the entertainment business

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Is it because it was found out that he has a hidden child with an older woman?

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He's the type you have to like

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Was the person who became a father at age 14 this guy?

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There are probably a lot of people around him that will quickly betray him

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The time that you are popular good.
Becoming unpopular is scary...

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He's extremely seedy

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His father

新田真剣佑「人間恐怖症になった。この世界は怖い…」 芸能界の恐ろしさを告白

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You sure can talk for a guy who has a secret child

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But your private life is scary though.

18. 匿名 2018/03/06(火) 13:58:13  [通報]+1320-31
Like the woman you trusted and birthed your child leaked information?

19. 匿名 2018/03/06(火) 13:58:18  [通報]+1039-10
Lately he has been laughing more
On Arashi ni Shiyagare he looked like he was really having fun

20. 匿名 2018/03/06(火) 13:58:21  [通報]+1145-91
Even so he's an ikemen!

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