A Rundown of Johnny's Marriages

1: 2018/03/16(金) 13:04:09.34 ID:CAP_USER9

V6's Morita Go (39) and Miyazawa Rie (44) confirmed that they were getting married on the 16th. Morita sent a letter to his fan club stating that he would be getting married. The marriages of Johnny's talents up until this point is written below.

◆94年 Kondo Masahiko (29) and OL (27)

◆00年 SMAP Kimura Takuya (28)Kudo Shizuka(30)

◆07年 V6Yoshihiko Inohara (31)Seto Asaka(30)

◆08年 TOKIO Yamaguchi Tatsuya (36)Former model (31)

◆10年 Shonentai  Higashiyama Noriyuki(44)Kimura Yoshino(34)

◆13年 Kazama Shunsuke (30)Non-celebrity woman (35)

◆13年 Shonentai Uekusa Katsuhide(47)Non-celebrity woman(45)

◆15年 TOKIO Kokubun Taichi(41)Former TBS employee(38)

◆16年 V6Nagano Hiroshi (44)Shiraishi Miho (38)

◆17年 V6Okada Junichi(37)Miyazaki Aoi(32)

◆18年 V6Morita Go(38)Miyazawa Rie(44)

※The ages are that of the time of the marriage announcement. Yamaguchi divorced last year in August, and Uekusa has remarried.

2: 2018/03/16(金) 13:06:01.07 ID:/fIHh0BQ0
KimuTaku at 28 was the lowest age...If Matchy married Akina in his mid-20's and that went well then his kouhais might have had it easy...

84: 2018/03/16(金) 14:45:25.93 ID:76RJUGQb0
Well KimuTako had a shotgun marriage

3: 2018/03/16(金) 13:06:40.78 ID:G+5bNIO50
Please, Riida hurry up too!

4: 2018/03/16(金) 13:07:17.87 ID:5f8iKFba0
Huh, my name isn't there?

12: 2018/03/16(金) 13:09:26.08 ID:R+lF2MaW0
There's only a few huh

13: 2018/03/16(金) 13:09:34.53 ID:NBlSaobz0
Are these the only ones?

14: 2018/03/16(金) 13:10:47.97 ID:SOqJu54v0
Just when you noticed over half are married

16: 2018/03/16(金) 13:12:58.88 ID:s/IDEchy0
So Kazama was married huh

17: 2018/03/16(金) 13:13:22.73 ID:HiRZj1070
Kazama Shunsuke was married?

32: 2018/03/16(金) 13:18:03.38 ID:QX5++Sx9O
She's a rich lady

21: 2018/03/16(金) 13:14:38.81 ID:kYuX9z3b0
I was surprised at Kazama

24: 2018/03/16(金) 13:16:20.60 ID:Nv4Cjtgl0
The only ones married in their 20's were Matchy and KimuTaku

25: 2018/03/16(金) 13:16:36.23 ID:48IeayJb0
Huh? What about Four Leaves?

26: 2018/03/16(金) 13:16:53.90 ID:pgmPmq1VO
Even though Kazama Shunsuke is married he's riding airplanes all over the place? Is he stupid

93: 2018/03/16(金) 15:03:03.14 ID:vmBOtpPh0
Your assets = Kazama Shunsuke's pocket money so don't worry, he's fine

27: 2018/03/16(金) 13:17:30.81 ID:SSG2IDdN0
Okamato Kenichi isn't there!

30: 2018/03/16(金) 13:17:52.30 ID:eUhIoZYi0
So Kazama Shunsuke was married huh

31: 2018/03/16(金) 13:18:00.30 ID:HlU6Z/s30
What about Okamoto and Akanishi?

33: 2018/03/16(金) 13:19:08.37 ID:JXND2qVv0
Kuroki Meisa "Huh?"

34: 2018/03/16(金) 13:19:20.71 ID:u6UBFONm0
Please remember Okamoto Kenichi

35: 2018/03/16(金) 13:21:25.17 ID:4EmQrpH80
Riida, try your best. Is Joushima next?

36: 2018/03/16(金) 13:21:39.43 ID:YpOZLGcw0
V6's rate is high

37: 2018/03/16(金) 13:25:35.51 ID:tUn9M8vn0
Kazama Shunsuke's wife is not a non-celebrity she's a former talent

38: 2018/03/16(金) 13:29:26.25 ID:1Mk6IJz30
I wonder who will get married first in Arashi

39: 2018/03/16(金) 13:30:40.74 ID:8fFgpvX/0
The former SMAP member is in trouble

42: 2018/03/16(金) 13:31:30.54 ID:3SW/rnWJ0
Are people who quit Johnny's not included?

43: 2018/03/16(金) 13:32:26.35 ID:FH7lpzAI0
Is there a reason why there's so many in V6?

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