Yamashita Tomohisa Went to Hawaii with Popular Model Nikki Instead of Ishihara Satomi

1: 2018/02/07(水) 16:49:23.22 ID:CAP_USER9



2: 2018/02/07(水) 16:50:24.09 ID:Wz+Cpp9O0
Yamapi~ (>_<)

4: 2018/02/07(水) 16:51:21.02 ID:LQ0P1wrw0
This is good news

5: 2018/02/07(水) 16:51:41.05 ID:p1FLc1Om0
Yamapi sure is popular

24: 2018/02/07(水) 16:56:22.59 ID:QjS+vRO10
Rather than being popular his women get found out easier
Other idols and actors are good at hiding them

6: 2018/02/07(水) 16:51:44.56 ID:vlVYJAM70
Another mixed girl?
His foreigner complex is too horrible

11: 2018/02/07(水) 16:53:22.24 ID:C0iCe9jt0
Well that's the end of Nikki

12: 2018/02/07(水) 16:53:27.04 ID:xSh4gLaw0
Be like Tegoshi and go all out

16: 2018/02/07(水) 16:54:24.75 ID:buweSc+b0
She's 10 years older but Ishihara Satomi is much better

17: 2018/02/07(水) 16:54:29.21 ID:xMdUpM4h0
This guy and Akanishi really like mixed girls

18: 2018/02/07(水) 16:54:44.87 ID:OYNIxqzw0
Yamashita really likes models too

21: 2018/02/07(水) 16:55:36.37 ID:XpDbFufv0
Why is he so popular?

23: 2018/02/07(水) 16:55:51.60 ID:Yj2iFFME0
I searched her but
She doesn't really seem half
And she's is really on that much of a high level

26: 2018/02/07(水) 16:56:40.44 ID:R34a5HjA0
Younger is better
Ishihara Satomi's hyperactiveness seems annoying

30: 2018/02/07(水) 16:57:07.14 ID:xNBUcDB00
He'll probably end up like MatsuJun

34: 2018/02/07(水) 16:58:33.11 ID:b7whh0Qz0
My Satomi has been released from Yamashita

40: 2018/02/07(水) 16:59:54.28 ID:LFdE6i1i0
He went to Ishihara's place after returning to Japan? They aren't broken up
Since Satomi is in the middle of a drama and isn't dating you then hide it a bit more if you're just going to mess around w

42: 2018/02/07(水) 17:00:02.23 ID:5DEg80L+0
Well it's obvious that is better to lightly have fun that to be with a woman who's at the age where's she's heavily considering getting married

47: 2018/02/07(水) 17:02:28.30 ID:JSvbBEQH0
He's like's mixed girls doesn't he? Amazing w

48: 2018/02/07(水) 17:02:33.97 ID:PbGZtovr0
Ishihara Satomi is 31 huh, time is cruel

55: 2018/02/07(水) 17:04:53.72 ID:otwE7vJK0
Isn't she getting prettier?

83: 2018/02/07(水) 17:13:12.24 ID:3+d8sDHY0
Take a gander and Ishihara's current looks then say something

111: 2018/02/07(水) 17:21:07.44 ID:Iwvylzu70
Ishihara Satomi looks prettier now than she did in the past
Now and then she was like a big sister

54: 2018/02/07(水) 17:04:48.29 ID:9v9DyTkI0
At least improve your singing and acting

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