V6 Okada Junichi's "Loss of Fans" Accelerates

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V6・岡田准一の俳優業に暗雲 - 日刊サイゾー
V6・岡田准一の俳優業に暗雲 - 日刊サイゾーwww.cyzo.com

"Okada Junichi is called a true actor among Johnny's, but there are are passionate fans that say "Since Okada-kun will be in it I'll go to the movie theater, I'll got a play " for dramas and stage plays that he stars in. If the fans that say that decrease greatly, then his estimation as a talent will drop. It is not know how many fans will follow him in his next project, but if the amount of fans visibly drops, then he may not get anymore offers for acting work.

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For a moment I thought that was Okamura from Ninety-Nine

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He cheated right.

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He looked like Okamura w

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"In regards to this fans have announced "tanori" [quitting being a fan] on Twitter one after the other."

Stupidity exposed

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There's Atarashii Chizu so he's fine

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He failed at choosing a wife

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Don't bother with making a topic

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Okada-kun only does good guy roles so he's very one note
What if he tried to do a bad guy role every once in a while?
He would suit being a psycopath

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Cheating is wrong

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What kind of delusional article

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Isn't he forgetting that he's an idol.
If not then he wouldn't have been able to marry Miyazaki-san.

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The opinion of him was too high in the first place.

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His favor with the public has certainly gone down.
Compared to the past his popularity has shrunken
And his looks have become average

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Definitely a devil woman

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The exposure of his relationships with women from his high schools days has been too tragic

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Cyzo huh

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For Johnny's choosing a wife is a life and death situation
Okada is wrong for not learning from Inocchi and Nagano

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He's a celebrity who has gained popularity from being an ikemen, so it's a given that he will lose fans

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