The Era of Actors and Actresses Relying on Looks is Over

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Shinichi Tsutsumi, who has a wide range of activities in movies, television and on stage.

俳優&女優“ルックスだけ時代”の終えん「演技が下手だと現場で浮く」― スポニチ Sponichi Annex 芸能


A veteran manager says "If the acting is bad then they will stand out on the set. Because the people around them are good, the person will understand their surroundings. Since it is that kind of situation, actors and actresses that aren't good won't get any roles."

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Looks are also important


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Whether or not they put in effort is up to the person themselves

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Like Fukuda Kyoko and such?

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Kitagawa Keiko has always had bad acting

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There are a lot of youngsters who are bad

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There are a lot of supporting actors that are good actors
I feel like the main actors are chosen by their looks or their agency's circumstances as always...

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If they are not attractive men and women then I don't feel like watching a romance drama so looks are important too

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You're saying that now?

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There are plenty of people with deadpan acting

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Yet there are fewer people who are good actors

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Sasaki Nozomi should really dedicate herself to being a model

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I think it would be good like that
Not just choosing based on looks, but stop choosing based on how big the agency is

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This person gets work again and again


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Compared to young people from  the same generation acting ability is included too

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Because old hags on the internet are quick to make a fuss saying acting is bad, they slept their way to the top, and gorioshi
Celebrities have it tough

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Lately I can't tell the difference between actors in their early 20s

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Good acting has been preferred since way back

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But if you're talking about Hoshino Gen's romance drama and Dean's romance drama then even if he's bad isn't Dean preferred?

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For FukaKyon it's like if she's pretty then it's okay.
Rather than acting FukaKyon is always trying to show her cuteness in promotional videos

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