Suda Masaki Stays at Nanao's Apartment for 13 Hours

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Past 10 pm, the couple came out of a restaurant. Nanao, who wore a black cap that covered her eyes and a black long coat, covered her face with a scarf before leaving the building. On the other end, Suda wore a black hunting cap and sunglasses along with a pilot jacket. The taxi that they both road disappeared in the parking lot of Nanao's apartment.

Suda left Nanao's apartment the next day just before noon. He enjoyed a 13 hour overnight date.

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Happiness to you

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Eh? What about Honda Tsubasa?

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Did she break up with Mamiya-kun?

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Roger that.

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Weird hat and sunglasses

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Is it Nanao? 笑

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A devil and princess couple...

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Arara...he's curios huh

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I think it's good to date various people while you're young

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They don't suit each other at all huh

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Basa is cuter

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Cheating on Honda?

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Sorry, the clothing is ugly...

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Two of them alone?
They don't suit each other.
It's kind of gross

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